Secret Santa 2011 Revealed!

This is the 2nd year Jessy (The Little Dust Princess) has organized a “petite” Secret Santa.  See my post on last year’s Secret Santa. I’ve mentioned it before but my personal experience with the the blogging community – especially the petite blogging community has been one of support and friendship.  I was really excited to participate again and this year my Secret Santa was none other than my famous friend Jean of Extra Petite.  My very first venture into the blogging world was through Jean’s blog where I entered a photo contest :)

Here is the gift I received from Jean:


Jeans: Gap Jean Leggings
Belt: Banana Republic (gift from ML)

Bracelet also from Jean (Ann Taylor)

Jean is so sweet, she saw me tweet about this blouse after I saw it on Michelle who looks AMAZING in it, the colour suits her so well!

I absolutely love this blouse.  Really loving pieces that can be worn casually or as business attire too.


See who I drew here.

Thank you again to Jessy for hosting!

  • Really Petite

    Jean did a great job- I have that blouse and love it. Happy New Year Elaine :)

  • Ying Moua

    Elaine, the blouse look amazing on you. =)

  • Jessy

    How thoughtful of Jean to secretly get that for you from your tweet! :P Loveeee the blouse & its colour. Happy holidays, Elaine!

  • Michelle

    Awww!! I love this blouse on you!! I love the denim you chose to pair it with!! And that bracelet is so fun!

    Seeing that old post of the photo contest was so much fun! :)

  • SewPetiteGal

    The blouse (color looks SO pretty on you) and cuff are beautiful gifts! You wear them both wonderfully. Happy Holidays!

  • Leftbanked

    you look great!! the bracelet is very nice.
    Love your blog – I’m from Toronto too!


  • anon

    You look great!

  • Canadianpetite

    How smart of Jean to glean ideas for presents from a tweet! Lucky you for owning a highly coveted Ann Taylor (by Canadians anyway).

  • Tara

    This blouse looks awesome on you! So glad you were able to acquire some AT!

  • My Dressy Ways

    I LOVE this blouse! I wanted it too but wasn’t sure how I would wear it – the front of it confuses me. lol. It looks so good on you I’m regretting not getting it now, the color is just gorgeous!

  • Jen

    I love it, a blogger gift exchange! And what a fantastic blouse, you look great, the color and draping is so pretty. Hope your having a great week Elaine!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  • Elvi

    Great blouse especially because it looks great on you!…she did a great job picking it out…:-)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Annie, Happy New Year to you too!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Ying, and congrats on the new blog!!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    I know she’s so sneaky, I don’t even think she joined in on the twitter conversation LOL! Happy Holidays to you too Jessy :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Michelle, it looks incredible on you too :) Haha do you remember that contest?

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks so much SPG :) I hope you have a great New Years!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks anon :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Smart and sneaky :P LOL I know you’d think AT was a high end designer for us ;)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Tara! It’s so funny I have quite a few tops from Loft and Ann Taylor now :P Probably more than if it were available in Canada!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    LOL I know it was confusing to me too – but I think it looks ok just as it is. It’s removable though so that’s a bonus!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Awww so nice of you, thanks Elvi :)

  • M Moles

    Waaah!! Where was I in this Secret Santa thingy? =)

    Love this blouses on you babe, you are right – colour suits you so well!

    much love,


  • Karen

    That blouse looks perfect on you! It can definitely be worn to work or casually.

  • Thu Huynh

    I love that blue blouse on you. The drape in the front really gives it such a glam look. I love secret santa, sad I missed it this year but will keep it in my radar for the next ;)

  • Jacquelyn Giardina

    wow love the blouse! the color looks great on you

    xo Jackie


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blouse! It looks fantastic on you! And I’m still totally digging your hair! Happy New Year, Elaine! xo

  • Joy

    LOVE the blouse too! I really want more colbalt blue stuff in my wardrobe!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Joy! This colour is definitely one of my favorites :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Eeps, super late reply, but thanks so much Jen, and I hope you’re feeling well! :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Merci ML!!!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Karen! Yes you’re right I can definitely wear it more formally. My work is really casual though so I try to mix more conservative formal pieces with casual ones :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Definitely join next year! It’s so much fun getting a surprise in the mail!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Thanks Jacquelyn, sorry for the late reply!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Ahhh thanks so much Kiki! In need of a hair cut soon, short hair always seems to grow much faster!