Beauty Look: Big Messy Hair

It’s very rare that I have time to just play around with makeup and hair looks these days. Not sure what it is…I feel like I have less and less time these days yet if you ask me what I’ve been up to I couldn’t tell you – and it’s all such a blur! Something I’m definitely going to have to work on but this isn’t the place to discuss that 😉

I was doing a fun photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and my hair was in a updo. I let out my hair and slept on it and the next morning I had these really cool loose waves so instead of washing my hair that morning I decided to take advantage and have a bit of fun with them.


I know some ladies that have their hair like this everyday…lucky them! As you know my hair is curly, but even it it wasn’t I can’t imagine I would take the time to curl my hair every single day. This is a look you can get after you had your hair in either a bun or an updo. For example – say you went to a wedding or an event the night before. Take advantage of all the texture you’ll have going on in your hair!

  • If you have oily hair absorb some of the oil from the scalp with a dry shampoo.
  • For this look I didn’t want it to be neat AT ALL! I ran a brush through the waves which is usually a “no, no” with curly hair!
  • To make sure this look had a lot of texture and that my hair didn’t fall flat and stayed big I used the two products from the Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Sessions Label line.



  • I took the Osis+ Dust It Flex mattifying powder in my hands and rubbed my palms together before rubbing it all into my hair and at the back of scalp – but it’s NOT a dry shampoo.  This product creates volume and texture but allows for you to play with your look as it doesn’t “hold” like a spray. It’s perfect to create a messy pony tail look or fashionable “bed head”.
  • Once I had the texture I wanted I took a little bit of the Osis+ Molding paste over the surface of my hair to create a matte finish. I didn’t want glossy “pretty” locks for this look. It was all about creating “rough” texture.

My hair inspiration came from Lorde on the cover of Fashion Magazine. I loved how you could see the natural texture of her hair – it didn’t look like a curling iron had been run through it and she didn’t have typically shiny locks for a magazine cover. Note that this look is NOT about having touchable, soft, run through your finger locks. Your hair will actually feel “dirty”.



What do you think of my big messy (and sexy?) hair look? Is it something you’d want to try out?

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