Clarins Spring Essentials

With the warmer weather visiting us more often we take a look at Clarins spring essentials for the season!

{Clarins Spring Essentials}

Hydration is Key

Hydrating is essential for living a healthy and active lifestyle. We also need to stay hydrated to maintain our skin’s natural beauty contour. As our bodies are exposed to various forms physical stress, our skin is ever changing. We live in a time where we experience vigorous changes in temperature, exposure to sun, wind and pollution; not to mention emotional and physical stress! One of Clarins spring essentials is a newly launched hydrating product.


Hydra-Essentiel is new line of skincare draws water into the skin. This boost of hydration helps the skin to combat any of the daily stresses that can have an effect on our beauty. I used the products for a month and found that my skin felt very hydrated and smoother with nightly use of the Bi-Phase serum and daily use of the silky cream.

My new skincare routine

The weather in Toronto is still constantly changing and it’s been causing my combination skin to go a little crazy! I was personally looking for products that wouldn’t cause my oily t-zone to be even more oily. The Clarins Hydra Essentiel line was perfect for me since it is water based combined with organic “leaf of life” as the active ingredient.

What is “Leaf of Life”?

Leaf of Life is a native plant grown in Madagascar. It’s unique since it helps to retain moisture and hydration even with climatic fluctuations. It is used in the same way that hyaluronic acid is used in many other anti-aging product lines.

The price point for me was very average for a 50ml Hydra Essential silky cream at $46 CAN and what caught my attention was that the 30ml Hydra-Essential serum is only $56 CAN. Most treatment serums in the market are much more expensive and this truly delivers great benefits for a serum.

Clarins Spring Essentials – Makeup

Four-Colour All In One Pen

In touring the colour department at the Clarins counter at The Hudson’s Bay, I also noted a few other unique collections. At first glance, I thought I was seeing a new style of “Bic Pen” and I thought ‘what does this have to with makeup’?  Well, to my surprise as I further investigated, I noted that this pen was actually a makeup tool for on-the-go! This pen offers 4 colours of liner that can be used for lips, eyes and even brows. This product packaging is brilliant! -Perfect for the traveler; efficient for those that do their makeup in transit on the way to work, school or gym. At a price of $44 CAN, it is that tool in your purse that can save your day. This product is a Limited Edition so if your interested in seeing this item please stop in to your local Clarins counter before its gone!

Face Contour Palette

The last item that caught my eye at the Clarins counter was a gold packaged rectangle palette. The Face Contour Palette is great for any skin type. This one palette would be great for many uses such as:

  • the lightest shade is great for highlighting as it brightens the darker areas of the face
  • the second colour helps to target face contouring of the forehead, chin and lower cheeks to sculpt the face
  • the last colour in the palette offers a soft highlighting cheek blush to complete the look.

As a makeup artist, when it comes to contouring, many clients have expressed interest in learning how to do it properly. Many people aren’t confident in their make up skills to add contouring to their daily makeup application. This palette makes it very easy to achieve face contouring with confidence. The actual texture of the product is very pliable and easy to build up the colour to achieve your desired application. The face contour palette also comes with a travel natural pro brush that is specifically designed to achieve the proper placement of the product on the face; this makes for quick, and easy application for anyone!


What do you think of my picks for Clarins spring essentials products? Will you be picking any of them up?

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