Darphin Paris Skincare

I always love discovering new-to-me skincare brands. Have you heard of Darphin Paris Skincare before? As the name gives away, this is a Parisian-based beauty brand that has been known for creating skincare products through a pharmacy approach, emphasizing the science behind beauty (sounds right up my alley!). If you can’t make it to Paris right away – don’t worry.  You don’t have to book a flight out to try Darphin’s formulae – the brand has partnered with Sephora Canada and has debuted a curated collection of skincare for all of us to try.

Darphin Paris Skincare // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Darphin Paris Skincare}

The Aroma Bar

The unique feature of this partnership is The Aroma Bar. Pierre Darphin started his company with a collection of essential oil elixirs, where he created oil blends targeting different skincare needs. It seems that face oil has been around for a while, but has some back into vogue! At The Aroma Bar, you can try out each oil and pick the ones that best suit your needs including oils that can energize, calm, purify, revitalize, and renew radiance. If you’re a member of Sephora’s VIB program (that stands for Very Important Beauty Insider), you can experience The Aroma Bar at home with a special custom designed Darphin box featuring four oils to try at your leisure.

The Skincare Routine

Now, Darphin doesn’t just make oil elixirs. They also make face creams, makeup remover, and serums. This might be the secret to French women always having such nice, radiant skin 😉 This high-end brand even includes steps on how to apply each product in a beauty routine:


I really liked following this beauty routine. I felt pampered using the rose-scented oil and my face got a mini massage each time.

Have you tried the Darphin Paris Skincare collection at Sephora?

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