About Elaine

elaine toronto beauty reviewsHi! I’m Elaine and I’m an everyday girl born and raised in Toronto who loves all things beauty and skincare. I founded Toronto Beauty Reviews back in 2010 to share my passion. I also launched a lifestyle blog aptly named ElaineLoves to showcase all my other loves too!

I studied Chemical Engineering and have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, but it was through blogging that I discovered I had a creative side to me. Always open to learning new things and learning about new products, blogging has opened up an entire new world for me which I love sharing with my readers.

Over the years I’ve brought on contributors to help spread beauty news to the city of Toronto and beyond. What can you expect on this blog? Our honest and personal thoughts on products we’ve tried, services we love, industry news we find interesting, and events around Toronto.

What you won’t find on the blog? Trash talking and gossiping. I  believe in open discussion and different opinions but everything can always be addressed with respect. With that in mind, you won’t see “bad” reviews of products on this blog. Instead I will either choose not to showcase it or will state likes and dislikes about it. I do this because I understand the hard work that goes into creating and marketing a product, and while something may not work for me or my team members, it may work wonderfully for someone else.


Have a question or a product suggestion for me to check out? Email me at elainea@torontobeautyreviews.com.

Would you like to work with me? Check out my PR Policies and Partnership Opportunities pages.