Guest Post: Nicole About Town

Today’s guest blogger is Nicole About Town who shares with us her Summer Sun Essentials to make sure you get that beautiful summer glow all season long!



It is summer once again here in Canada, and I for one, am loving it. With summer comes changes. Changes in the clothing we wear, the food, drinks and treats we eat, and if you are as into beauty as I am, then there are changes in your beauty products as well. They could be little changes or huge changes, but the changes occur nonetheless. When it comes to Summer Sun Essentials that I absolutely cannot live without, there are three products that make my list hands down.

summer-sun-essentials (1)

#1. Bronzer
Would you believe that until this spring, I had never used a Bronzer before? Well it’s true. Lets face it, I am a WOC and really, why would I ever need a Bronzer on my NC45 skin? Well that was what I thought for a number of years and boy was I wrong. Enter in the Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Limited Edition Summer Bronzing Wardrobe, and I find it is one product I now can’t live without. This palette contains three different types of Bronzer: Chocolate Soleil – a Matte Bronzer that is great for contouring, Sun Bunny – a Natural Bronzer that is great to give a natural and subtle sun kissed glow to the skin, and Snow Bunny – a Luminious Bronzer that adds great highlights and radiance to any skin tone. There is not a day that goes by that I am found without wearing one of the Bronzers contained in this palette or a combination of the three and honey, my skin has never looked better. $54 CAD

summer-sun-essentials (2)

#2. Bronzing Blush
Yep, that’s right on top Bronzer being one of my essentials, so is a Bronzing Blush…or really just any kind of shimmery, light reflecting blush. I use the blush to add a bit of colour to my face in combination with the Bronzer. My go to pick is this Estee Lauder Bronze goddess Seat Star Bronzing Blush from a few seasons ago. It’s no longer available in stores, but I am sure that there are dupes available out there. I personally only use this Blush in the summer. The two tone of the sand and peach colours blend so well on my skin to add just the right colour to any makeup look I may be wearing.

summer-sun-essentials (3)

#3. Tonic Body Treatment Oil
For me, it’s not all about the face, you also have to take care of the rest of your skin. To help keep my skin in the looking soft and supple, I cannot live without this Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. You are looking at a sample size that I received in one of my Sephora Favourites packages. I loved it so much that I purchased a full sized version as well, but I simply refill my smaller sample sized bottle and keep that with me in my everyday makeup and travel bag. I generally use on my skin after getting out of the shower, but this smaller sized bottle comes in handy for any touch ups, such as heels and elbows, that happen during the day. It is fast absorbing and one of the most non-greasy body oils that I have ever used. It doesn’t even take five minutes to soak into my skin and it leaves no greasy residue behind. $57 CAD

So there you have it. Three of my Summer Sun Essentials that I absolutely can’t live without. Well I probably could, but I would be a lot less fabulous if I did.

What about you? What are three of your Summer Sun Essentials?


Amazing picks Nicole! I actually haven’t tried ANY of these products out so I’ll be sure to keep my eye out!


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