Halloween Fun with Screemers

As I have mentioned before I’m not really a fan of Halloween but Sohnee is and she recently checked out a very popular attraction in Toronto – Screemers! She braved it out for Toronto Beauty Reviews and lived to tell about her experience 😉


It’s that time of year again! My favourite “holiday” of the year is right around the corner…Halloween! There are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween, from trick-or-treating (or handing out candy) to going to a fun costume party and dancing the night away. My favourite part about this day has always been the chance to get SCARED!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why would you want to get scared? That’s no fun.” Well, I’ve always loved scary movies and getting to jump and scream (while in a safe environment) has always been my idea of fun. It’s not for everyone, but there are definitely enough of us out there to make places like haunted houses a popular way to spend Hallowe’en.

I had the ghoulish pleasure of checking out some Halloween fun with Screemers at The Exhibition Place this year. This killer Halloween party features 6 haunted houses and a Midway of Mayhem with 5 rides. Two new features this year include a 3D haunt experience where you get to wear 3D glasses and walk through a haunted house full of things that bump in the night. They also have The Slasher Wax Museum, filled with all of the classic horror movie killers. Seeing Freddie out in the graveyard was enough to make me scream!. For those who need to take a few moments to catch their breath, there is also a Vampire Lounge, where those who are 19+ can sit, enjoy a drink (gain some liquid courage), and watch/hear others screaming their way through the park.

Thankfully, things weren’t too scary for me since I got to go behind the scenes and watch some of these ghouls transform into terrifying creatures. It made the haunts themselves a bit easier to handle when I had already met a few of them earlier. Here are some pictures from backstage (click on the photos to enlarge them):

A lot of the actors apply their own makeup and some even start at home and then finish off the look when they get to the venue. After talking to a few of the actors, it was really interesting to find out that many of them have been with Screemers for years – they really love to scare people and it keeps them coming back. One performer has been with the Screemers team for 12 years! These are seasoned veterans here to scare the pants off of you!

The Screemers haunted screem park runs at Exhibition Place until November 1st. Get your tickets at www.screemers.ca


If by chance Screemers is a little too creepy for you but you still want to have some Halloween fun you may want to pick up the items featured in my previous Halloween Beauty Giveaway or these cute lashes and Halloween themed press on nails from Kiss Products:

halloween-kiss-products halloween-kiss-products-lash halloween-kiss-products-nails halloween-kiss-products-nails-2

So whether you’re into the gore and creepiness of Halloween or you’re into celebrating in a little less fear inducing way there is something out there for everyone 😉

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween whatever you decide to do!

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