Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil Review

When one thinks of a dry body oil you usually think about applying it right after the shower and before moisturizer. My friend Joanna has found out that the Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil can be used throughout the day too! Read on to find out more.


The Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil ($20) is a highly concentrated, dry body oil that combines vitamins C and E along with deep-sea red algae, Amazonian oils to enhance skin, as well as an anti-aging retinoid complex.

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil // Toronto Beauty Reviews

The long winter months in Canada generally turn my hands into leather. Also with flu season at its peak, the application of hand sanitizers (which we are encouraged to use) only assists in drying my skin out more. I spend part of my days assisting persons with disabilities, so not washing my hands often isn’t an option. I am sure most nurses and people who work in the medical field can strongly relate to this!

When I first tried this product I was not expecting instant results, as most products take a little time. After only applying it once it changed my hands so drastically that I excitedly offered my husband the oil to try on his hands! It absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy residue making the area silky smooth and far less creased. Visually, it turned the clock back about 10 years!

I cannot say enough good things about this product which can also be used for scars and stretch marks. I have not tried it on these two but am so utterly impressed with my now-youthful looking hands that I can only expect the results may also be just as stunning!

How are you coping with frequent hand washing and dryness this winter? Would you consider applying an oil to your hands instead of a hand cream?

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