Reduce Signs Of Aging Around Eyes With Klorane

You’ve heard it before: the eyes are the windows to your soul. But more obviously they can show how well you’re aging, and how tired you are! Luckily we can reduce signs of aging around the eyes with these Klorane products.

Reduce Signs of Aging Around Eyes KLORANE | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Reduce Signs Of Aging Around Eyes With Klorane}

KLORANE Floral Eye Make-up Remover

I am excited to talk to you today about an all time favorite product for quick easy make-up removal.

I was first introduced to KLORANE products over 20 years ago by a colleague when I was attending make-up artistry school.

Known for its iconic Royal blue packaging, KLORANE now is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of its benchmark product Floral Eye Make-up Remover available across Canadian beauty retailers.

This eye-makeup remover has unique smoothing properties from the active ingredient: cornflower floral water. With one cotton pad application on each eye, all traces of eye makeup comes off easily. I have tried many eye make-up removers in my time and this is my go to as it removes all traces of even waterproof eye makeup without stinging. Bonus: there’s no need to rinse it off!

It also has wonderful calming properties that sooth, it doesn’t irritate my eyes when wearing my contacts.  It also comes in a wet wipes format for all over face that is convenient for travel and quick evening skincare rituals.

If you’re an eye makeup wearer then this remover is your first step to reduce signs of aging around eyes.

KLORANE Smoothing and Relaxing Patches with Cornflower

On a recent visit to the beauty department at my local pharmacy, I noted that KLORANE now has Smoothing and Relaxing Patches available for eyes as well.  This is SOS Anti-fatigue in a sachet! I keep them in the refrigerator and for those days when I wake up and need a bit of extra help to refresh and de-puff my eyes, it is a quick little morning ritual before I get out of bed.

These eye patches reduce signs of aging around eyes by:

  • reducing signs of fatigue
  • instantly relieving congestion
  • smoothing and providing instant freshness

If you’re looking for some relief for your morning puffy eyes or to indulge in a mini night eye ritual before bed,  you must try these patches. They help with congested under eye appearance and offers an instant refreshing feeling.  Each box has 7 sachets with 2 patches in each.  For under $20 you can have a mini eye treatment 2x a week.

Do you have time for a quick 10-15 minute eye ritual in the morning a few times a week? I know I sure will make the time as the moment I step out of bed, it is all about getting myself ready to tackle the morning mommy duty.

Do you have a pampering ritual that you would like to share such as my Klorane experience? And do you have any other tips to reduce signs of aging around eyes?


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