Let’s Talk Body Oils

I’m a huge fan of body oils. You need to replace the natural oils in your body after stripping your skin of them after a shower – I’m doing my skin such a favor by using a body oil alone right after a shower or layering it under a light moisturizer.  Not only do body oils moisturize but I love how they smell too.  I love wearing perfumes but sometimes I prefer the light scent of body oils on a daily basis.

Here are the ones I’ve been rotating all summer long:

Ahhh an Avon classic.  If your moms or grandmothers were Avon shoppers you’ll know about this stuff.  I LOVE it.  It’s also known as a nice smelling mosquito repellent – I can’t vouch for that personally but many of my friends and family do!  While this is meant to be bath oil – a cap full in a tub of water, I use it as a body oil.  And this stuff smells AMAZING!  It’s fresh and clean and slightly perfumy, but definitely not overwhelming.  I always get the “oooh you smell so good” when I have this on.

I was first introduced to this stuff from Arianne of The Glitter Geek who is another body oil hoard.  She said it smells like summer and I’d have to agree!  This stuff is nice and light in texture and has a wonderful subtle scent about it.  You just feel like you came from a spa massage that uses luxury body oils.  I love this stuff! When I use it I’m constantly smelling my arm all day – I’m sure I get weird looks LOL!  There is a “golden shimmer” version that I’m itching to try out next time! While this would have been perfect for summer I think it will be great for Fall/Winter too, it will give me a bit of colour during my extra pasty months.


Sea Buckthorn is one of those ingredients that I’m starting to see everywhere.  From what I’ve read Sea Buckthorn oil has been used as a treatment for certain conditions including skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.  While I’m hesitant to try this stuff out on my face I love it on my body.  It’s a bit thicker than the other body oils I have tried but it absorbs into the skin beautifully.  It has an orange tinge to it but it doesn’t leave my skin looking orange, just “warmed up”.  And it has a lovely citrus/orange scent to it!

This Mangosteen Pericap Oil is meant to be used on the face or mixed into a moisturizer but it can be used all over the body as well.  There is no scent to this one (so this might be appealing to some that have a favorite lotion or perfume they where daily) and I found it difficult to get out of the bottle – but I’m thinking it’s because you would only use a few drops for the face.  Since it takes longer to get this stuff out of the bottle, I used this one when I had some extra time on my hands.  I have also mixed it with a body lotion just to add some extra moisturizing factor as most lotions contain a lot of water.
So, there you have it – the oils that I have been using all summer.  I change it up often and go with what mood I’m in.  I do have to say though the Avon and the Nuxe have been on heavy rotation!  I’d like to research a bit more about the extra benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil especially before I try it out on my face!
Are you a fan of body oils?  If you’ve tried any oils on your face to help with acne or scarring I would LOVE to hear about them!

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