Moroccanoil Texture Collection

Moroccanoil is a name that is synonymous with smooth, shiny, silky hair. Anyone with curls knows that Moroccanoil is also great for nourishing dry locks to keep the frizz down, too. Did you know that this Canadian brand has come out with a new line of texturizing products? They’re not just about smoothness anymore!

Moroccanoil Texture Collection // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Moroccanoil Texture Collection}

Beachy Waves

With the summer in full force, it’s all about getting that beachy wave. The best way to get that look, regardless of your natural hair type, is to use texturizing products. The Moroccanoil texture collection has all the tools you need to look like you just came from the beach.  

A must-have is their texturizing spray. You don’t want to use a spray that actually contains sea salt since that will damage your hair. Moroccanoil uses a starch complex in their dry texture spray to achieve the same soft, gritty feel without compromising the integrity of your hair.

Precise Texture

If you have short hair or want to be precise when you define your texture, then you want to use Moroccanoil’s texture clay. Take a dime-sized amount in your hand and rub it down until it becomes a thin film across your palms. Then, twirl your hair between your palms into twists before releasing them. This will create defined waves and curls in seconds. The clay is matte, so your hair won’t look greasy in the process. It’s great when you want that piece-y look, which is very editorial 🙂

Curly Hair

For curly gals like me, it’s all about having a good mousse. I use the beach wave mousse after I come out of the shower. It’s really easy to overdo it with this stuff, so you never need more than a golf ball size of mousse in your hands. Rub your hands together, then rake it through your hair from the mid-length to the ends; you can scrunch at the roots, but be careful not to put much up there unless you want crunchy roots! Air dry your hair for a soft, wavy look, or use a diffuser to get nice defined curls.

As always, each product is infused with their famous argan oil, so your hair will continue to feel soft and manageable. Each product also has that signature Moroccanoil scent, so your hair will smell much better than “the beach!” 😉

Have you tried out any of the product from the Moroccanoil Texture Collection yet? What’s your favourite product?

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