Introducing #MyTBRfave!

It’s no surprise that we love sharing our thoughts here on Toronto Beauty Reviews. It’s our raison d’Γͺtre, after all! πŸ™‚ But what we love most is hearing that our recommendations have helped our readers find products, brands, and services they love. And that’s why we’re starting off 2020 by launching #MyTBRfave.

{Introducing #MyTBRfave!}

There are so many products available and so many different brands out there that it can be overwhelming to find something that works for you. Toronto Beauty Reviews was founded with the goal of eliminating some of that guesswork! We test out lots of different items and tell you which ones we loved, so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on a not-so-great product. Plus, we try to spread the word about lesser-known brands that you may not find at your local drugstore. Just think of us as your beauty and wellness matchmaker! πŸ˜‰

Knowing what types of products our readers enjoy or want to know about, therefore, is an important part of the process. If, for example, we see that many readers choose a certain lipstick as their #MyTBRfave, we can create a post swatching different colours to show you all the available options. If we hear that lots of readers are interested in haircare, we’ll focus on testing out more hair products to update you on notable new releases.Β And if we see that readers have followed our makeup tutorials, we’ll create more looks with similar products.

By sharing your #MyTBRfave, you’re helping to shape what we feature on Toronto Beauty Reviews!

Here’s How it Works:Β 

  1. We write a story or do a social post about a product or service we loved
  2. You see the post or story and check out the product/service for yourself
  3. You shoot us an email or do a social post with the tag #MyTBRfave, telling us what you loved about the product/service, or showing us how it looks on you
  4. Your comment or picture could be featured on TBR!


Why Participate?Β 

We wanted to launch #MyTBRfave to ensure that we’re creating content that you find helpful, informative, and fun. By telling us your #MyTBRfave, you:

  • Help us know what brands/products/services you love most, so we can write even more about similar things
  • Β Get to share your thoughts with the TBR readership (in over 127 countries!)
  • Help build an even stronger community of people celebrating the best in beauty and wellness!

By sharing your thoughts with us, you help TBR fellow readers learn even more about the best of beauty and wellness, and you help us create the type of content that you enjoy. And, most importantly, we all get to celebrate what makes you feel beautiful! Let’s make 2020 a year of positivity, discovery, and collaboration.

We can’t wait to hear about your latest #MyTBRfave!Β 

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