New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018

Leaving summer fun behind can be tough, but luckily, some of our favourite brands have released new products to make the transition to fall a little bit easier! The flurry of holiday releases hasn’t yet begun, but these companies are getting in on the action early, launching new skincare, lifestyle, and beauty products that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on before winter arrives. Check out our fall favourites below.

New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018 - Products | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018}


Disclaimer: I received these products at no cost for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 


The change in seasons brings many not-so-great things, like temperature drops, rain, colds, and PSLs (don’t @ me; you know they’re overhyped). But, luckily, it has also brought some cool new products to help you transition your beauty routine into colder months. Read on to find out more about new launches and our fall favourites from:

  • Earth Luxe
  • Veriphy Skincare
  • Caryl Baker Visage
  • Stila
  • Korres
  • Rodial


New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018 - Earth Luxe Salt Lamp | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Earth Luxe

Earth Luxe is yet another great brand that’s focused on creating natural wellness products. They offer a wide range of items, from candles to essential oils, shaving kits, shampoo, and more. While I love their skincare products, lately, my favourite Earth Luxe product has been the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp.

I have anxiety, so I often need quiet time to decompress when I get home. The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp has made this process much faster and much more enjoyable. Made from a gorgeous piece of authentic pink salt from Pakistan, the lamp sits on a sleek wooden base. The bulb inside shines through the salt, creating a beautiful pink-orange glow. Every time I use it, I feel calmer and more relaxed in the span of just a few minutes.

Natural wellness proponents also contend that Himalayan salt lamps can clean the surrounding air, reducing headaches, colds, and respiratory difficulties. They suggest that the heat from the bulb creates a chemical reaction in the salt, which attracts airborne allergens. The lamps then eliminate these allergens, releasing clean water vapours back into the air. Now, I can’t definitively say that that’s true, but I can tell you that I got over a bad cold in just 2 days while this lamp was on in my room, so take that as you will.

Whether or not you believe in their healing properties, I’m sure you can agree that Earth Luxe’s Himalayan Salt Lamp is gorgeous, stylish, and a great reading light. Plus they have a mini version that plugs in via USB! Perfect for the office or dorm room.


New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018 - Veriphy Skincare | Toronto Beauty Reviews


Veriphy is a new skincare company that I have been extremely excited about. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, silicones, phthalates or fragrance. And they’re Canadian!

Veriphy was born at the University of Guelph, when researchers there discovered a way to extract glycogen from plants. Glycogen is a must-have ingredient in the beauty industry, as it gives your cells the energy to produce the elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid that reduce wrinkles and strengthen skin. Veriphy’s breakthrough is hugely significant because most glycogen in beauty products is sourced from animals, particularly shellfish. (Hands up if you’re horrified that you may have unknowingly been rubbing fish bits on your face.)

Armed with their exciting discovery of phytoglycogen (plant-based glycogen), Veriphy’s founders have created 3 skincare products that deliver incredible results, all while being at least 98% natural. My favourite product is the 20/20 Eye Cream, which is infused with Veriphy’s signature phytoglycogen, as well as cucumber to reduce puffiness and Vitamin B3 to brighten the under-eye area.

I love that the cream can be applied over the entire eye area! It feels light, but is deeply nourishing, and has absolutely reduced my dark circles. While the cream is not inexpensive, you use such a small amount (I use about a half-pump, max) for each application that one bottle lasts a long time. And, speaking of the bottle, it’s beautiful: deep green glass and rich gold accents make this a showstopper on my vanity.

Two more reasons to love Veriphy: they offer free shipping throughout Canada, and they have created a scholarship at Guelph University, providing funding for a woman entering a STEM program. An ethical Canadian skincare company, founded and run by women in STEM, creating products that work wonders and giving back to the Canadian science community? Now that’s a beautiful thing.



Caryl Baker Visage

I’ve always been a fan of Caryl Baker Visage makeup, so I was really excited to try out their new skincare line, which is based on the idea of the “flawless canvas.” As we all know, there are a wide range of skin types and skin needs, so one product likely won’t fit all when it comes to skincare. To help you find what works for you, CBV has launched two different skincare collections: the Oil Control line and the Oil Infusion line! Each includes products to help you achieve the right oil balance for your skin, either by adding in (for normal to dry skin) or reducing excess oil (for combination to oily skin).

Unsurprisingly, I tried out the Oil Control line to see if it could help with my hormonal breakouts. My favourite product from this line is definitely the Purifying Toner. Alcohol-free, and made with green tea and witch hazel to soothe inflammation, plus peppermint and eucalyptus to decongest pores and kill bacteria, this toner feels wonderful on the skin. It leaves my face tingly without feeling tight or overly dried out, as toners with alcohol have in the past.

Caryl Baker Visage’s new Purifying Toner has been a great addition to my fall skincare routine. It keeps my pores clean and my skin prepped for the heavier moisture needs of fall and winter.




One of Greece’s best exports (aside from saganaki) is Korres, a natural beauty brand that’s been around since 1996. While you might associate the brand primarily with high quality and luxury beauty, what you might not know is Korres’ strong commitment to eco-friendly practices. Korres products are all cruelty-free and contain a variety of natural ingredients. What’s more, the company works with local agriculturalists to preserve Greece’s natural plants and soil composition!

Korres’ Wild Rose line is undoubtedly their most popular, but I’m particularly excited about their Pure Greek Olive products. A best-seller in Greece, this line is being released in North America for the first time this year. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the skin, the products notably contain extra-virgin olive oil from Crete. The Olive Blossom Hand Cream has quite a strong fragrance, but a small amount of product goes a long way, leaving skin smooth and supple.

The Pure Greek Olive collection will soon be available on at



New Launches and Fall Favourites 2018 - Stila Eyeshadow and Rodial Concealer | Toronto Beauty Reviews


My makeup kit (and that of many celeb makeup artists)  is filled with Stila’s fabulous products. This fall, the company known for their game-changing Shimmer & Glow liquid metallic eyeshadows is upping the drama with their new Vivid & Vibrant collection.

This new range of eyeshadows, eyeliners, and liquid lipsticks is all about jewel tones. Rich, glittering hues named after precious stones, providing luxe looks with ease. I literally gasped when I saw the new shades of the Shimmer & Glow eyeshadows: the colours created for this new collection are so saturated that they’re opaque with one swipe!

Don’t be scared, though: the Vivid & Vibrant eyeshadows are also incredibly versatile, and can be muted by applying with a fingertip instead of the applicator.

In the photo above, for instance, I applied the shade Vivid Garnet with my fingertip, blending into my brow bone to create a sheer base. I then applied a second layer of shadow directly on my eyelid using the applicator. By varying the amount of product applied, I was able to create a dimensional look using only ONE shade of eyeshadow!



A longtime staple of British luxury stores, Rodial was a new brand to me. I recently got the chance to test out their Diamond Concealer, however, and I’m never looking back.

This product feels very light on the skin, but provides fantastic coverage. It certainly has a higher price point than your typical drugstore concealer, but it’s on par with the price of many designer makeup brands, and works significantly better than either those or the drugstore varieties. Because the coverage is so opaque, you only need a small amount of product to cover blemishes. This concealer also blends easily, melting into your skin for a flawless finish. In the above photo, I’m not wearing any foundation! Just Rodial Diamond Concealer and a translucent setting powder.

The expense of Rodial products is also due to the high quality ingredients contained therein. Unsurprisingly, the Diamond Concealer contains diamond powder, which provides a luminous finish to the skin. It also contains sea fennel extract, which works to smooth fine lines, leaving you with a radiant and even complexion.

Rodial skincare products are available at, but their makeup is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


What are your fall favourites? Which of these new product launches are you most excited for?

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