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{New Revlon Mascara Collection 2016}

As the first month of 2016 comes to a close, some of us are still dedicated to our New Years resolutions, while some of us didn’t last the first week.  I will admit I am part of the latter group.   I’ve decided to take a different spin on 2016, and think of the whole me – inside and out.  Too often, we decide to diet and exercise and do not change overall routines in our day.  I’ve decided a great start would be making some easy changes to my makeup routine.  Tired of the beauty blahs, 2016 has me ready to freshen up my everyday face, and take some makeup risks (#whynot?).

After the Christmas rush, I could see myself looking more tired than usual.  One easy way to wake up a tired looking face, is opening up your eyes, and making them the focus.  The New Revlon Mascara Collection was my first place to start.  For an everyday look I tried Revlon’s Ultimate-all-in-one-mascara.  It wields a small but mighty tool – the ‘power mini-brush’.  While this mascara gives definition, it does so in an everyday look kind of way.  Your lashes are given definition without too much drama – perfect for a 5-minute face, on weekday mornings, or casual weekend outings.  Bottom lashes, the forgotten lashes in most cases (most likely because they usually result in smudged makeup), are not a problem for this mascara’s  “power mini brush”.  The brush does double duty, coating both upper and lower lashes with ease and definition.  My lashes looked thicker and longer with a few swipes of the power mini brush.  This mascara is up for the challenge, its tiny brush making application a breeze, and lasting all day without smudging, fitting right into an everyday beauty routine.

Revlon’s Dramatic Definition Mascara as well as Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara is great for women who have long lashes and wish to add a bit of drama.

On days when I was aiming for a more natural look, I choose Revlon Super Length, as it opens up the eye, without too much volume, leaving the eyes almost naked but subtly defined.

As for the Volume+Length mascara, I was disappointed with this one as it didn’t provide much volume and I had to use quite a bit to get a lengthening effect. I would personally stick to the other mascaras in this collection; but 4 our of 5 isn’t bad!

I found the new relvon mascara collection to be an easy and non-risky first step to fight the beauty blahs of January.  The collection takes all the complications out of mascara and allows you to center on your eyes as a starting point for your face, choosing the right mascara match for you.

Have you tried out the new Revlon mascara collection yet?

Let us know your thoughts!

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