NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

For many, contouring of the overall face and cheeks can be tricky if you are not confident with your makeup skill. Highlighting pallets, contour sticks and blush can be overwhelming to apply, especially if there is a five to ten minute window for makeup application in the mornings. The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette can be used by just about anyone!

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Customize your cheek glow with the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette}

The History of Blush

Blush has a history going back to the Egyptian times when not only women wore it, but so did men.  It was known as “Rouge” and it was worn on lips and cheeks. Rouge was also worn differently amongst the various social classes. It initially evolved from sun dried leaves of various colours that were ground and slightly liquified to be worn for various religious and social followings. Throughout the years you will notice how blush has gained its popularity as fashion trends changed from decade to decade. From strong bold statements to classic timeless conservative makeup, blush has always been a staple product for most in their makeup bag.

Get your sweetness on with NYX Sweet Cheeks collection!

While walking through a beauty boutique, I noted many beauty companies have expanded core products into on-trend versatile, all-in-one palette.  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to blush I love to have a few selections to choose from to suit my skin tone. One multi-functional palette is all it takes to create some quick face definition and glow.  The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette ($27) offers just this versatility. It has 8 blush toned hues to choose from. The finishes vary from matte to shimmery which is such a great feature. The matte finishes offer a little brightening while the shimmery finishes accentuate height and overall soft blending.

Easy Application

Application is made easy with the NYX Dual Fiber Powder Brush ($14). This unique dual fiber brush has a feathery pliable tip that makes application soft and buildable in achieving the desired colour balance.

Multi-Functional Product

I mentioned before that the  NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette is multi-functional. The natural tones and hues of this palette make the blush colours perfect to use on the eyes too. Create a flattering natural eye look partnered with highlight shimmer that you can use for brow bone highlighting too. The NYX Pro Blending Brush ($14)is a great tool to use for eye application.


The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette is very versatile and offers soft buildable coverage that anyone can feel confident in using.  There is a saying “history has a tendency to repeat itself”;  in the example stated above ancient Romans used “Rouge” on lips and cheeks. Today we can continue to use it on cheeks and lips, and with NYX Sweet Cheeks, now we can use it on our eyes as well.

Makeup is fun! Blush can brighten and contour and change up your look easily.

Next time you’re at the beauty boutique will you be checking out the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette?

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