ON SCENE: Polysporin At-Home Spa

I know, the title of this post is confusing right? Polysporin At home Spa?!? Say what?  Well Ashley recently hosted an intimate spa gathering at her home all courtesy of Polysporin and she tells us all about it!

Can we really call it an ON SCENE post if the event was held at your own house? 

I was incredibly lucky to host Polysporin, Wright Spa and makeup artist Asha E, at my own house for a night of indulgence, facials, makeup and Polysporin. In summary – I loved it. 

Now, when you think of Polysporin, you automatically think of their amazing healing ointment or their eyedrops. Would you be surprised to know that they have just introduced an amazing line of lip care products? For a brand that we rely on to heal our skin, Polysporin is now introducing two lip therapy treatments to help heal your lips. Perfect. 

In order to help celebrate this launch, Polysporin invited themselves into my home for a little demo on how the lip therapy products worked. Along with that demo? An at-home facial provided by Wright Spa, makeup application provided by Asha E, sparkling lemonade and macarons. Count me in

First things first – the amazing new lip duo from Polysporin: Polysporin Visible Lip Health Daytime Hydration Therapy and Polysporin Visibile Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy. Why is it so imperative that Polysporin venture into the lip care market? Well, our lips are the only skin on our body not protected by an outermost layer. With that vulnerability, our lips are prone to cracking, breaking, peeling, and chapping. Both these products are specially formulated to go beyond the regular old surface of our lips and address the root cause of our lip discomfort. In 3 days, you’ll see clinical results and an overall healthier lip.

First, Polysporin Visible Lip Health Daytime Hydration Therapy is a cool gel like formula that can be applied as many times as required to the lips. The lip care is also:

  • A unique combination of antioxidants and essential lipids
  • Restores visibly healthier lips in 3 days
  • Keeps lips feeling feeling hydrated for over 8 hours
  • Contains glycerin to attract and retain lip moisture
  • No parabens, artificial flavours or preservatives
Ever since it’s introduction, this little lip balm has a personal place in my purse. The glycerin ensures long-lasting wear – you won’t need to reapply ever hour. Retails in stores for $5.99 CAN.

Second, Polysporin Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy is an amazing cream like formula that gently and slowly melts into the lips. When I say it’s cream-like, it’s very much like a cream you would slather on your face. It’s thick and it stays put. I’m finding myself wearing it 24/7, just because I love how moisturizing it is. This lip care also:

  • Contains Vitamins and Moisturizers to repair and nourish as you sleep
  • Occlusive formula designed to hydrate lips overnight

Hands down, my fave. Retails in stores for $5.99 CAN. 

Since we held the event so close to Mother’s Day, I decided to treat my mother and my aunt to a luxurious in house experience. 

First up was a little presentation (given by Wright Spa) about the new Polysporin lip care line. Here are some of my live tweets during the presentation:

After the mini-presentation came the facials courtesy of Wright Spa. A mobile spa service serving the GTA, Joanna was kind enough to give all three of us mini-facials. Even though I said mini, they did last about 30 minutes each. With the home spa-table she brought, the silk robes, the mood lighting and the calming music, we felt like we were truly in a Spa atmosphere. 

Next came a professional makeup application from Asha E. She was absolutely amazing, and even let me snoop around her makeup case. A lot of MAC Cosmetic products! My aunt ended up with a beautiful neutral toned face, while she played around with colour for me. 

Here’s a roundup of photos from the night. Forgive my photos! They were all taken with my Blackberry. 

The Food and Drink provided by Polysporin
The mood lighting, flowers, and yummy snacks

A hand massage while the facial sets in
The lip products themselves
My lovely Mom getting her makeup done
My colourful makeup for the night:

So overall, an amazing experience. If you ever want to experience at home spas, I would definitely suggest checking out Wright Spa. 

Remember, #PutOnThePoly! Thank you Polysporin!

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