Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour – The Perfect Date Night Accessory

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{Revlon Matte Lip Colour}

Whether Valentine’s 2016 has you looking for love, lust, or #itscomplicated, a new matte lip colour is another way to get you excited about the possibilities for the year.
Too often we forget our makeup is an extension of our wardrobe. Revlon‘ new Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour provides 8 shades to get you started.

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour – HD Seduction

My new fav lippie is HD seduction. I found this matte nude shade has just enough pigmentation to add colour to my face, without looking excessive for a conservative work environment or simply running errands. It also works perfectly for a more casual date night out.

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour – HD Passion

On days when I wore something classic such as navy stripes or a monochromatic sweater, I turned to the shade HD Passion to add some visual interest. This shade is a mix of a very deep pink mixed with a medium red. As someone who shied away from colour on my lips, I found this particular lippie addictive, using it whenever I felt my monochromatic outfit needed a quick pick me up. I got so many compliments while wearing this shade, ranging from ‘Love that shade!’ to ‘Loving the new look!’ and ‘You should wear colour on your lips more often!’ I loved that even after lunch, the pigmentation of the lippie is so strong, no reapplication is needed. A simple blot of the lips after one application using the plush applicator and your lips are ready for the day. This colour will definitely boost your confidence for that special night out!


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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour – HD Temptation

I save HD Temptation for days when I wear something with some edge. The color of this lippie is a vivid pink, helping to add that last accessory to an already trendy ootd. This shade is basically the equivalent of a stiletto – creating a memorable image with just enough class and sass. Your date will be rendered temporarily speechless!

I’m loving all the new choices Revlon has for the new year – getting an outfit ready hasn’t been this much fun in a while – along with choosing something to wear – now I get to play with my lip colour to add to my style. A lipcolour that helps define my style? I would say that’s a great way to start attracting some attention for this Valentine’s Day 😉

Will you be rocking a matte lip colour for your next date night out?

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