Skin Envy Review

My first waxing experience happened recently so when I received these Skin Envy products to test I didn’t know what to do with them! Luckily Alysia is a pro so she offered to help me out with this one 🙂


I have been threading and waxing my brows for years and I have recently become a Brazilian wax addict. If I grew enough hair on my legs and armpits, I would definitely try these Skin Envy products on my legs or pits but I will leave the “lady bits” waxing to the professionals. So with all that said, I made the brave decision to try the Sugar and Beeswax strips on my brows.

Sugar & Beeswax strips (Hair removal for body and legs) ($15.99)


In the box comes several large strips for big areas of your body. I really wish that I could test this out on my legs but I would have to wait for over a year to have enough length in my leg hairs (yes, I am blessed!). So instead, I cut the large strips into small manageable ones and proceeded to wax off the hairs above my brows and on the sides of my eyes. The downfall about cutting the strips into smaller ones, it gets messy when you rub it together to warm up the wax. The strip did a pretty good job removing the hairs above my brows but when it came to the sides, I somehow ripped off some of my skin and had to walk around to a red patch at the corner of my eyes. This makes me nervous because what if this happened to my legs, armpits or even worse my “lady parts”?!?!?

I would probably skip this at-home waxing kit, although I feel like it would remove thin baby hairs, I doubt it would remove thick coarse hair.

(Editor’s Note: While Alysia is experienced and a pro at waxing we do not recommend using the legs and body products on your face – try the ones for Face and Bikini…but…we’ve all been there and felt a little adventurous right?  😉 )

Smoothing Spray Lotion (For body – with Argan oil and vitamin E) ($10.99)

With professional waxing, you will typically be asked if you want some type of soothing lotion to calm redness or just to soothe your skin. I usually opt out when I get my brows waxed but do agree to it when I get waxed down there. I tried the Smoothing Spray Lotion after I shaved my legs and it did leave my legs shiny and smooth. What happens is that after any type of hair removal, your pores are open leaving the skin a bit vulnerable. This spray helps restore hydration and elasticity, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized – all due to the vitamin E and Argan Oil found in the spray. Even if I am not using the waxing kit, I would routinely use the spray each time after I shave my legs.

Both, along with other Skin Envy products are available at Walmart and other drug stores.

Note that all Skin Envy products are fragrance and paraben free, which makes this a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

What is your preferred method of hair removal? Would you try any of the Skin Envy products?


****Disclosure: products were sent to Toronto Beauty Reviews for review/editorial consideration***

Alysia is a blogger without a blog. She likes to believe she is ready to start blogging again but isn’t quite ready to commit. She loves all things beauty and travel, and can talk about these two passions for hours. For now you can catch her on Twitter and Instagram at @hello_leesh or @beachjunkies.

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