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Smashbox Insta-Matte // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Smashbox Insta-Matte & Be Legendary Lipstick}

I have long been a fan of Smashbox products so when I received a couple of fabulous items from the brand I was over the moon. I am photographed professionally often enough, whether it be for my business or a couple’s photo session to celebrate an occasion so I love how Smashbox really promotes their makeup as being camera ready. Today’s post includes a quick little sketch I did this week. I thought the black/red contrast to be very fitting. You have to love that classic Louboutin red sole – and maybe that is rubbing off on some of my makeup choices this week. Maybe?

Smashbox Insta-Matte // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

  • Highly pigmented
  • Moisturizing
  • Versatile
  • Made in Canada
  • Cool, compact and rectangular — you can’t get it mixed up with your other brands of lipstick!

This lipstick is a dream! There have been 26 shades newly released this year. Not only does the colour glide on smoothly with intense, perfect pigmentation it is also very moisturizing. It contains shea butter  to hydrate and vitamins C and E for a boost of antioxidants. The color I have is called “Get Fired.” I like when companies have creative names for things, it somehow makes something amazing even better! This particular tone is a warm, orange-red.  One word of caution I have for you is once you are done using it, make sure the lipstick is completely spun back down. I left a bit sticking up without noticing, the first time I used it and the cap is kind of short and fits directly over top. I accidentally smashed it against the end of the actual lipstick – no pun intended! Thankfully the damage was only minor and after a few swipes I was able to get it back to a reasonable pointed shape.

This is also a very versatile beauty product! Smashbox suggests dotting a bit the lipstick on cheeks for an instant flush! That is really awesome as I often carry lipstick in my purse for touchups but not blush. If my blush wears off throughout the day it’s just gone. Now with this two in one little number I can touch up both my lips and my cheeks!

I do love how it’s made in Canada. I am gradually finding it more rare to come across products crafted on our own turf. When you go in to purchase your favourite shade of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick you can do so with a little smile knowing that it was made by some fellow canucks. Oh – I also cannot forget to mention that it comes in 36 shades in total, featured in cream and matte finishes.

The Smashbox BE LEGENDARY LIPSTICK can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Murale, Sephora, and for an approximate retail value of $23/each.

Smashbox Insta-Matte // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

  • Small, compact tube perfect to slip into your purse
  • Easy application
  • Go from shiny to matte in seconds

Alright now I have really been waiting to own one of these. This product was developed at the Smashbox studios to minimize the number of lipsticks needed on set.

“This genius gel doubles my lipstick wardrobe on set. I’ll never have to carry an entire collection of mattes and creams again.” – Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist

The beauty of it is that it instantly mattifies your favourite shades without loose powders or special applicators. This is an all-in-one beauty tool and product that is a must in every makeup junkie’s collection. It blends well, keeps colours true, and doesn’t flake or feather so you will always be photoshoot (or selfie) ready.

It does not have a chalky feel whatsoever and is actually creamy although you cannot tell by looking at it which is a good thing when it comes to all things matte. Apply it generously over cream lipstick with your finger for a flawless finish. It is not suggested to use it with glosses, lacquers or balms and I can vouch for this! I tried it out of curiosity with my favourite high-shine lacquer.. The best way to describe the effect is that my lip color began to “pill” just like lint balls on a sweater. Use this product appropriately, with cream lipsticks and you won’t want to leave home without it!

Smashbox Insta-Matte // Toronto Beauty Reviews

You can purchase the Smashbox INSTA-MATTE LIPSTICK TRANSFORMER at Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Murale, Sephora, and for an approximate retail value of $26/each.

These two products are definitely worth consideration if you are looking for something classic to add to your makeup collection! If you do get the chance to purchase one or both of them, tell me your thoughts!

Have you tried out the Smashbox Insta-Matte or Be Legendary Lipstick yet?

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