TESTING, TESTING: Rowenta Beauty Professional Titanium Ceramic Iron

As you know I don’t usually take the time to straighten my hair – or really do anything special with it! Part of it is laziness, part is having no time and part is having curly hair that takes forever to style!

I was asked to try out the Rowenta Professional Titanium Ceramic Iron so of course I couldn’t say no!


I had a wedding coming up (actually – two weddings in one day!) and I usually like to do something different with my hair for a polished look.
Here are a few features I wanted to highlight:
1. There are three temperatures settings: 360°, 410° and 450°. Whenever there is a temperature choice I always pick the highest setting. If you have thin hair or hair that isn’t as curly as mine I would try out the lower temperature settings first.
2. The flat iron heated up really quickly! I would say in less than 30 seconds. 
3. What I also found cool was that after 60 minutes this flat iron shuts off on its own! So if by chance you forgot to turn it off you don’t have to worry about it. Unfortunately….it took me OVER 60 minutes to do my hair – haha so while I was styling my hair I noticed that I wasn’t getting results anymore and realized that the iron had shut off!
I found the flat iron really comfortable to use and not too heavy. It REALLY straightened my hair well – in about 1 – 2 pass overs. I usually have to run flat irons through my hair multiple times to get all the curl out. I decided to put a bit a curl back into the bottom of my hair (I know, I know – sometimes I think I’m crazy to straighten my hair only to re-curl it! But I’m getting DIFFERENT curls with a flat iron!). I was really impressed by how easily I was able to achieve the look I wanted. In my past experience once my hair is straight the iron isn’t hot enough to then re-curl my hair.
So here are the results!

Gah I wish I could get my hair to look like this every day!!!

And the curls lasted throughout the day. As I mentioned before I had TWO weddings to attend. I ran my fingers through my hair just to change up the look a little bit and here’s what my hair looked like in the evening.
(Sorry for the blurry pic!) Some slight frizz a the top but that day turned out to be REALLY humid that day so this is actually really impressive!
In related news I just found out that Rowenta Beauty and Trade Secrets have launched the 7th annual “Give and Take” Program.
From August 10 – September 27th 2013 you are encouraged to donate a used hair tool of your choice and in return you will receive 50% off a brand new Rowenta Beauty Curl Active, Versa Style or Infini Pro Dryer. The used tools will be donated to a local women’s shelter. Since this program started over 30,000 tools have been donated to women in need.
What’s your favourite way to style your hair for a special occasion? Any tips and tricks to share with me on using a flat iron?

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