TESTING, TESTING: Rowenta Versa Style

A while back I was given Rowenta flat iron to test out. You can check that post out here. I loved the way this flat iron worked so when I was sent the Rowenta Versa Style to test out I was interested in seeing what the differences were.

Both tools actually looked quite similar to each other but the Versa Style was shorter and slightly chunkier with rounded edges.

The actual plates are the same size but the plates on the Versa Style do not extend all the way to the tip of the of tool making it easier to handle when curling the hair.

The temperature of the Versa Style also goes up to 400F while the Flat iron goes to 450F – however I think 400F is hot enough to style the hair. 
One feature I really liked on the Versa Style vs the flat iron was the locking mechanism which hold the tool in the “closed” position when not in use. 
The Versa Style comes with an easy enough to follow instruction manual on how to get different types of curls and waves although my first attempt to get loose waves didn’t go over so well and I just ended up throwing my hair into a bun!

My next attempt was a bit better but I think I still have to practice getting consistent curls – I felt like the more I did the easier it got so I probably just need to figure out the most comfortable technique for me. (note that I ran the tool over my own curls to “relax” them a bit before attempting to change the curl). 

Not bad right? I do wish I could figure out to get more volume at the top and front. I actually really liked how it looked from the side though!


But the back…not so much haha!


I obviously couldn’t see the back of my head so you can see parts that didn’t curl much at all! I think I need longer arms to do it properly.
I’m going to keep practicing to see if I can get softer waves that will mask my ability to reach the back of my head better – or I will try to teach my husband to help me!
All in all both tools work really well! I think for my purposes the flat iron is probably more practical unless I can get my technique down with the Versa Style. But I really like the that I can handle the tip of the Versa Style comfortably without getting burned.
I do have curly hair though so I’m not sure how often I would actually be trying to curl my hair anyway but for those of you that like to change up your look often this is a really great option especially for doing fancy hair styles for the holidays! You could curl your hair with the Versa Style then gather it into an elegant up do.
What are your favourite hair tools to use for changing up your style?

***Disclosure: I was sent the Rowenta Versa Style for review consideration***

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