WEARING THEN: Casual Weekends

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with basic jeans, t-shirt and a denim jacket right? I’m not sure if I can really pull off the Canadian Tuxedo stylishly so I chose black jeans instead 😉

Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans (here)
Top: Gap T-shirt (similar here)
Denim Jacket: Bedo
Necklace: Shop For Jayu

Honestly – you guys probably think my wardrobe is so boring. I admit it – it is!!! As I’ve gotten older I don’t shop as much and tend to fall in love with a few pieces at a time. And yes some of those being basics like well fitting jeans and a comfortable flattering t-shirt. But I think it’s important to actually wear my clothes (and to death if necessary) or else it’s just a waste if it sits in my closet! And trust me…I’ve made some really unnecessary purchases in the past.
As seen in this post – this denim jacket is now a staple too. And of course what I think makes this outfit is the accessories – my Shop for Jayu necklace. It gets compliments everywhere I go!
When I first started blogging back on “Curls and Pearls” I did feel the pressure of having to go out and shop to have things to blog about. While in some ways it was good as it broke me out of my comfort zone (I became a skinny jeans convert) and forced me to look at fit better it was also really bad for my wallet and I realized that while I do love clothes and makeup a lot I really love going on vacations and enjoying my weekends MORE! So since then I’ve definitely cut back on my shopping habits and am buying pieces that I will wear over and over again (obvious from the last few outfit posts!). This is one of the reasons why I say I blog about my personal style and NOT about fashion as I rarely indulge in trends.
What are your thoughts on shopping and trying to stay stylish? Are you ok wearing pieces over and over again or do you prefer to stay on trend by buying new pieces each month?

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