BEAUTY NEWS: L’Oreal Colour Genius App Launched

I was lucky enough to attend L’Oreal’s 2012 Holiday Party this past week. While L’Oreal provided a great holiday event, they also provided some previews for their upcoming 2013  beauty season.

Included in their demonstration was their new iPad app The Colour Genius. And what a genius it is! It’s quite possible one of the funniest makeup / beauty apps that I’ve come across, and it’s a great way to find products that are suited towards you and your tastes. The app is one that will assist you with matching your makeup, to your outfit. Simple, yet ingenious. 

Here’s a breakdown of the app:

  • The app will ask you to take a picture of the outfit you’re currently wearing, or choose from a photo you had previously stored.

  • The app will then give you a wide range of colours that ‘match’ the outfit and colour scheme of the photo you choose. You have 9 colours choices to choose from – feel free to pick the colour that speaks the most to you. There aren’t any rules in using this app – pick the colour YOU want and the app will do all the choice work for you. It’s that easy. (Isn’t that center colour just amazing?)

  • Then, you pick what you’re feeling creatively – do you want to match your outfit, blend to your outfit, or clash to your outfit? The possibilities are endless. The three options give you plenty of choices for your day – match it if you’re looking for sophistication, blend it if you’re looking for a natural look, or clash it if you’re looking for a bold statement. 
  • Conveniently, the next option will ask you whether or not your mood is for night or day. The app will give you choices based on a daytime work look, or a night time, ‘on the town’ look. Ingenious, right? 

  • L’Oreal then gives a few make-up choices based on your choice. Usually, a lipstick, an eyeshadow and a nail polish are selected for you. L’Oreal also convienently provides the names of the shades provided – it makes it incredibly easy to run to the store and pick up a few shades! See above for a ‘matching’ colour genius application.

  • The ‘blending’ colour genius application provided a lovely ‘natural’ pallete – pink and beige are lovely colours for a daytime look. 
  • The ‘clash it’ colour genius application provides a daring look for night time. So sophisticated! 

The best thing about this app? It’s totally free from the iTunes store! There is no reason not to get this handy little app for your iPhone or iPad. It’s such a great app if you’re a newbie to makeup application as well – it’ll give you a definite starting point in terms of colours and hues, and possibly introduce you to colours and shades you would have never thought of before. 

Download at the iTunes store today. 

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