Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial

The Caryl Baker Visage Vaughan Mills location is a welcoming salon where you can stop in for a treatment and enjoy a day of shopping!I was excited to receive the new Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial. I use many of the Caryl Baker Visage skin serums and I knew that their facial would take it to a whole new level.

Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Experiencing the Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial}

The Check-In Process

Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial // Toronto Beauty Reviews

The friendly staff  greeted me and made sure I was comfortable before asking me to fill out all the necessary paperwork. As with any facial or spa treatment, when you’re visiting a new place there is usually a consent form to fill out. This helps the staff to determine your needs and to assess whether a service is suitable for you or not.

After reading through the consent form I feel it’s important to share that if you have psoriasis, the Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial may not be one you’d be able to enjoy. Please contact your local Caryl Baker Visage if you have any questions or concerns. The knowledgeable staff will be able to help you out!

The Facial Experience

Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial // Toronto Beauty Reviews

I was lead back to a private facial room by my wonderfully friendly and informative esthetician. Once the door to my private room was shut all the noise from the mall fell away.

The first 2 steps of the facial involved serum that smelled citrusy, like oranges! It was so revitalizing and not only made my skin feel refreshed, but woke up my senses! Once all the serums were worked gently into my skin, woven facial masks were layered on and left on for 20 minutes.

Each layer of the facial mask was very gently removed and wiped clean with disposable wipes, which again all smelled wonderfully of orange citrus! My treatment lasted roughly 45 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of my experience with the signature facial and I adored every single friendly staff member!

The Results

After the Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial my skin felt amazing! My face was soft and not greasy. That’s very important to me as my skin often gets very oily naturally.

I left happy and I looked great! I was able to spend the rest of my afternoon gingerly shopping while feeling pampered and relaxed. What a great way to break up a day of shopping!

I will definitely return to Caryl Baker Visage located at Vaughan Mills. I love that I can look forward to a rejuvenating visit to the salon that will leave my skin glowing and that will provide the perfect oasis to break up the hustle and bustle of a shopping trip.

Have you checked out the Caryl Baker Visage Signature Facial yet? What’s your favourite facial treatment?

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