GUEST POST: Julie of Swatch and Review

I’m on vacation! And while I’m around I asked some of my fellow beauty bloggers to help me out with some posts. Check out this post from my first guest blogger Julie of Swatch and Review! … and…Happy Canada Day! 🙂


Cottage Beauty Essentials

Hello everyone! It’s Julie from Swatch and Review and I’m taking over the blog today while Elaine is on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, a lot of us spend our weekends at the cottage, and packing can be quite a pain. But I have some tips for you on how to be efficient with what you pack in your makeup bag, from small items to double-duty products!

1 – BUG SPRAY + MOISTURIZER: There will be bugs everywhere. But a bug spray like Avon’s Skin So Soft can act as a bug repellent on your body and your clothes, plus this one smells great and will keep your skin really soft.

2 – SPF FOR THE FAMILY: Pack one sunscreen product that will suit everyone, it should be kid-safe, full-spectrum, at least SPF30 and waterproof. My fave is Avon’s Sun Kids.

3 – LIP BALM + CUTICLE BALM: Clear lip balm can also act like cuticle balm in a pinch. I use Nivea Sun SPF 30 lip balm on my lips during the day and my cuticles at night.

4 – HAIR TIES: I always bring a lot of hair ties, like the Sephora Tropicolor ones pictured above. Not only are they great at keeping your hair tied back, but I also use them to knot my keys around my wrist when swimming or even to tie up loose hanging branches when around the campfire.

5 – LIP/CHEEK TINT: When I’m at the cottage, I don’t wear much makeup. Simple adding a few swipes of a lip and cheek stain will give you a nice glow and make you look polished. Coral lips and cheeks in a bottle? Try Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint!

6 – USE YOUR SAMPLES: When it comes to moisturizer, hair products and even face masks, I go through my sample drawer and use my trip as an opportunity to try something new! My last trip out of the city, I tried Carol’s Daughter shampoo (loved it), Kerastase hair mask (also loved it) and a Maskeraide sheet mask (didn’t really love it).

Now your makeup bag won’t take up your whole suitcase. And don’t forget a deck of cards and some marshmallows! Happy Road Trippin’!


Thanks so much Julie! Such great tips 🙂 What do you like to pack for a weekend getaway?

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