Happy 40th to The Body Shop!

The Body Shop celebrated their 40th anniversary this past week and as a part of their celebration, Toronto Beauty Reviews was invited to see what their future endeavors will look like. The event took place at the Artscape Wychwood barns and featured a greenhouse filled with their upcoming collections for the year.  

Happy 40th To The Body Shop // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Happy 40th To The Body Shop!}

Moving forward, the company wants to continue to be as sustainable and ethical as possible. With their campaign, #EnrichNotExploit, they’re coming up with some really creative ways to stay on top of their goals while still making amazing products. Here are just some of their initiatives:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by harnessing the power of methane (cow farts!) to create body butter packaging
  • Create biobridges in areas with endangered species to allow for easier mating in otherwise scarce environments
  • Eliminate microbeads from all products before the end of the year
  • Continue to use organic, fair trade ingredients including roses from one British garden

Happy 40th To The Body Shop // Toronto Beauty Reviews

There were a lot of great things to try out, but my favourites were the pinata colada exfoliating scrub (it has coconut in it as the exfoliant!), their 100% vegetarian foundations that are SO hydrating (seriously, it’s like mixing your moisturizer with your foundation. My skin felt amazing), their new face masks that are coming out this summer (hint: there’s Ethiopian honey!), and the new British Rose collection.

Happy 40th To The Body Shop // Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Body Shop is using one garden of organic roses for their new British Rose collection coming out for Spring 2016.Yes, just one garden. They know the farmers and they know all of the natural techniques used to grow these roses. Dehydrated rose petals are used as a gentle exfoliant and there’s rose essence in just about every product in this line. The one product that stands out among the rest is the British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence. It is a light body moisturizer that gives your skin a glow. I was skeptical at first because usually “glow” = glitter. Thankfully, it’s actually a glow! There’s no weird shimmer or sparkle – your skin looks illuminated.

Check out what The Body Shop is coming out with this year to celebrate their 40th year in Canada! You’ll be really impressed with their dedication to sustainability and beauty.

We can’t wait to get our hands on many of the new products and we wish a very Happy 40th to The Body Shop!

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