His and Hers Scents with Givenchy

Bonjour mon ami! Are you looking for a new scent  to add to your collection? Maybe even a cologne for the guy in your life? How about something sweet from Givenchy?

His and Hers Scents with Givenchy // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{His and Hers Scents with Givenchy}

When I first received Givenchy’s Live Irresistible I couldn’t help but admire the feminine, fun and airy vibe created around the scent. Check out the commercial by Matthew Frost,  starring Amanda Seyfried.

In contrast, my husband got to try Givenchy’s Pi Extreme which is masculine, sexy and slightly sweet,

Givenchy Live Irresistible

“She lives life in the fast lane, makes the most of every single day. She enjoys everything about Paris, and doesn’t have a care in the world. Life is her playground.”  -Givenchy Live Irresistible

  • A spicy, fruity floral
  • Inspires confidence, happiness, spontaneity and fun
  • Chic and edgy bottle

The scent itself is a spicy, fruity floral. It embodies pineapple, rose petals, Jamaican allspice berries, amber and musks. I generally do not gravitate to sweet scents but feel that this particular one has dimension and interest. I love how it begins to smell a little different as it dries. It is very endearing – you are sweet but do not smell like a cupcake!

This is the perfect perfume for a date night. A couple of months ago, my husband and I went to Montreal with some friends of ours. I packed our Givenchy fragrances in with my makeup and we were on our way. We rented a gorgeous loft with plenty of beautiful, exposed wood and high ceilings. We enjoyed quite the adventure with crazy weather and last minute planning but it was all worth it and so much fun! I am sure that once we left, our lovely scents were still lingering!

Photo credit: Laura Nicholson www.lnphotography.ca

Photo credit: Laura Nicholson

I have heard that old Montreal is described as the Paris of Canada. It couldn’t have been more fitting that I wore Live Irresistible the entire time.

This is one perfume that I proudly love to display as part of my décor. The richness and purity of glass is illustrated  in the shimmering reflections of the iconic Givenchy  fashion studs on the smooth side of the bottle. There is such a beautiful contrast between elegance and modernity that is a distinctive feature  of  Givenchy.

Everyone’s body works differently with various scents so I suggest visiting a retailer that carries it, spraying it on your hair and wearing it throughout the day. If you still love it by the evening and are possibly even getting compliments  from others then it is perfect for you! I had a few friends try out another perfume I reviewed awhile ago on the blog, and after spraying it on themselves at my house they went home and couldn’t get enough of it. I know one of them plans on purchasing and the other already has. You cannot go wrong with testing it yourself first!

You can purchase this gorgeous fragrance at Hudson’s Bay and Shopper’s Drug Mart for approximately $114/75ml.

 His and Hers Scents with Givenchy // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Givenchy Pi Extreme Cologne

This cologne was designed for a “magnetic and seductive man.”  If you are in the market for a woody, oriental smell to sniff whenever you hold him close — this is the right choice.

  • Masculine and artistically designed bottle
  • Slightly sweet and smoky scent
  • My husband uses it nearly every day now

Being one to often admire the art in objects I come across, I love Serge Mansau’s bottle design for this fragrance. With warm colors and geometric lines it is not a scent that you want to hide away. It looks fabulous on our dresser or in the bathroom and stands out amongst many of the rest.

The scent combines notes of smoked leather, ironwood and benzoin crystals. Aside from smoked leather I do not think I have ever smelled the other two ingredients on their own. If they are anything like what I pick up in one small sniff Pi Extreme then I bet it’s amazing.

When my husband found out I was receiving a cologne to review he couldn’t wait to try it. He is not one to go out and purchase these types of products, most of his fun money goes to car-related items! The scent buying is up to me. I don’t mind whatsoever, I get to be the one smelling it.

He liked it instantly, and I often smell it while folding his sweaters. I guess you could say this is his go-to cologne at the moment.

Givenchy Pi Extreme is available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay for approximately $103/100ml.

These two scents compliment each other well – I love spritzing mine on my hair or blouse before work. Occasionally I will mist a little of it on the quilt in our guest bedroom prior to guests. It is so fun, and represents a carefree, humorous and happy persona.

Would you introduce these fabulous his and hers Givenchy fragrances into your life?


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