Live Clean Argan Oil Hair Collection


{Live Clean Argan Oil Hair Collection}

Winter took a while to show up in Toronto this year. I can’t complain – it made the roads easier to drive and I could keep on wearing my spring/fall clothes without needing to transition into a million layers! It was also great weather for my hair and skin since winter weather tends to make everything dry and for my skin, itchy. In this two part write-up, I wanted to talk about what I’ve been using to keep myself hydrated, moisturized and itch-free. In this post, I’m going to focus on my hair and the Live Clean Argan Oil hair products.

As you probably already know, I have frizzy, wavy hair. It sometimes wants to agree with me and other times, it has a mind of its own. In the winter, the frizz attracts static, making my mop even more out of control. I don’t like straightening it every other day since that does a lot of damage. Instead, I keep my strands hydrated using hair oils. I’ve written about hair oils a few times already, so you can check out those reviews here and here; I also talk about a hydrating oil in my review here. Incorporating oil in your beauty regimen is a great way to protect yourself from the harshness of cold winter winds. It’s especially nice when you can have oil in a product you already use – it saves you a step and you still keep your hair moisturized and happy.

I’ve used Live Clean shampoos and conditioners before, so when I was running low, I went to stock up and saw they had a collection with argan oil in it. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner and really love it! The scent is mild, but the effect is anything but. My hair feels really refreshed and moisturized after every wash. Whenever I use it, I know that I don’t have to put in any leave-in treatment afterwards; my hair is already feeling nourished. I can let it air dry before I leave the house and my waves stay looking healthy with minimal frizz. What I love about all Live Clean products is that they are almost 100% plan derived eco-friendly and proudly Canadian!

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more argan oil into your regular haircare routine, consider Live Clean’s Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner ($7.79 each). They’re especially perfect in the drier months of Winter and will help you maintain moisturized and healthy locks. 

Have you tried out the Live Clean Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner before? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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