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Spring is officially here but it’s been teasing us in Toronto! Cloudy and rainy days followed by a hint of sunshine just to get our hopes up! To help beat the transitional blues I usually try to treat myself with some at home spa treatments with products like the Live Clean Spa Therapy line.

Live Clean Spa Therapy // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Live Clean Spa Therapy Giveaway}

Live Clean Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts

Lately I always have aching and tired muscles. I’m blaming it all on baby T who gets heavier and heavier everyday! Now that he’s sleeping longer I’m looking forward to treating myself to bath with this blend of Epsom and Dead Sea Salts to help relax and detoxify my body. The Sea Salts are infused with Eucalyptus, Lavender, lemon and ginger…it’s a spa treatment in my own tub!

Live Clean Spa Therapy Moisturizing Foam Bath

Another way to enjoy a luxurious bath (can you tell I REALLY need a good soak in the tub?!) is with the Moisturizing Foam Bath. Bubble baths are so indulgent and the Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera in this foam bath will be so moisturizing and hydrating…the perfect way to kiss winter goodbye!

Live Clean Spa Therapy Giveaway

Do you want a chance to win these two Live Clean Spa Therapy products? Here’s your chance! You can also win the body scrub, body wash and body lotion from the Live Clean Spa Therapy Line which are perfect for every day use!

If you’re a Canadian reader, all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter form below! Good luck!

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  • Kim

    Add more colour to the wardrobe and shed the heavy layers.

  • Ellie

    Get out the flip flops!

  • Louise Gilbert

    I pack away my winter clothing and pull out the spring/ summer ones

  • janh

    I transition from colder to warmer weather by opting to wax

  • Wendy Coderre

    I am already wearing my flip flops!

  • ShariD

    I love to shop for new spring shoes!

  • JenniferH

    Exfoliating dead skin cells off the feet@

  • Putting heavy winter coats and clothes away.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Shopping for new spring clothes!

  • Susan T.

    I love packing away all my winter clothes and my boots and pulling out my sandals and summer clothes!

  • Julie-Lynne McCann

    Love to start to add more touches of pinks into my daily wardrobe for work, including accessories, shoes, purses….love it!

  • zahra p

    I start by spring cleaning my home and my closet and then putting away some of my heaview winter clothing and replacing that space in my wardrobe by lighter pieces (We only have so much wardrobe space). I also start taking my exercise outdoors (walking outside instead of inside when I can).

  • Wendy Hutton

    spring is usually time for a visit to the hair salon to get a badly neede cut and style

  • Christine DaSilva

    Usually I start with decor, a good spring cleaning, a hair cut and colour, some new clothing !

  • Krista Miller

    I love going to the salon for a fresh haircut and highlights of a nice summery shade! And buying some new make-up in lighter, spring colors!

  • karla

    I do a big spring cleaning ,and get out my spring/summer clothes!

  • Cheryl

    I go through my boys closets and mine and pick out things that no longer fit or I just don’t like anymore and donate them to charity!

  • Doris

    I clean out my closet and switch to lighter clothing.

  • Julie

    I like to have a big spring clean and put away all my winter clothes

  • SeanM

    We clean all the winter stuff and put it away

  • deborah

    I like to switch my closet over from winter clothes to summer

  • Elizabeth V

    I like to pack away my heavy sweaters and heavy winter shoes and boots. Bring on the lighter, flowy tops and my sandals and flip flops. Go get a pedicure and be ready for those sunny warm days. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ginette4

    going for bike rides, market days and hiding the mittens and boots 🙂

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    we do a big clean and then start wearing our flip flops

  • Erica

    I like to spring clean, freshen up with light airy blankets and make everything nice and airy.

  • Purchasing a few new outfits, makeup & clothes to mark it offical Spring/summer season.

  • Amy Lovell

    Usually I like to do a massive purge of the house! Then whatever I dont dont want I donate to local shelters in the area!

  • Spa Mm

    Usually for the transition I do a huge clean out of my closet!

  • Robyn B.

    I transition by changing to my fluffy, fuzzy boots to keep my tootsies warm.

  • Gillian Morgan

    I transition by swapping out my clothing and shoes.

  • Alison Braidwood

    I really like being able to wear regular shoes as opposed to clunky winter boots.

  • Jolie

    Spring cleaning starts the whole process for me and putting away the heavy winter coats, boots and thick sweaters 🙂

  • Maritess

    I head outdoors and do my walks with the dogs.

  • Monique Shuell

    I enjoy wearing long, thick sweaters instead of a winter coat. I also love bringing colour and prints back for the warmer weather.

  • Tara Betterley

    I will do a spring clean on my closets to pack away my winter clothes and I celebrate that I can bring out my ballet shoes and my flips flops and pack away the boots. I love bare feet weather!

  • Jonnie

    I find doing a spring clean and opening all the windows to let the fresh air in is a good way to transition.

  • kristen visser

    cleaning the house and going through every drawer, cupboard and closet and getting rid of everything expired, that doesn’t fit, no longer used etc 🙂 oh and get the patio and front porch furniture back out

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I get more fresh air, go for more walks and wear flip flops and sunscreen!

  • sambows

    I lighten up on the moisturizer and start using sun screen.

  • Diana Powell

    I spend more time outside just soaking up the sun and fresh air . 🙂

  • Joni

    I’m usually sad when the cold leaves us, because i LOVE winter. I’d say love opening my window for fresh air, but I do that in winter too. I can’t wait to see if my trees made it through the winter

  • Christine Murray

    I clean my house from top to bottom. Wash all the winter sweaters and coats etc.Change out winter footwear to spring/summer footwear. Switch from heavy make up to lighter products.

  • fossie55

    I love to open up the windows, dress cooler and wear my spring footwear.
    Florence C

  • jemrah

    more salads and barbecues, and less soups and stews !

  • Amy Heffernan

    I do a spring clean up!! Out with the old heavy winter clothing and in with the new lighter things! Thanks!

  • angela mitchell

    I try buy a few new spring clothing pieces and some fresh makeup colours. I change to a lighter moisturizer and I looove soft spring nail colours.

  • Shauna

    I always give my house a deep clean, swap out my scarves and shoes, and pull out all of our patio furniture/outdoor toys for my daughter.

  • Karin Dollery

    A good old spring clean-up. That includes washing all the curtains & Shears. I put all the winter clothes away and get out the spring ones. I wash all the winter bedding and tidy up the yard. I love spring and am excited for summer.

  • I love Live Clean, thank you for the giveaway! My favorite way is to change my bedroom decoraton (sheets, some fresh flowers…) and my perfume!

  • sinč

    I usually go for a jog in the evening when the weather gets warmer. It gets my metabolism going and I feel much more energetic and happy.

  • Binder KaurBC

    Put away the boots and bring out my spring/summer shoes!

  • GJordan

    I change my colors

  • Linda

    Like to buy a few new bright bold coloured accessories to complement my spring/summer wardrobe

  • Amy

    I wear less make up and put away the warm clothes

  • favgreen

    I switch out my facial products and wear a lighter perfume. I start using a self tanner too.
    via Rhonda W G.

  • Mary

    I usually start doing more salt scrubs to get my skin ready for gradual tan lotion. Don’t want to be blinded by my ghostly limbs!

  • Jenness M

    I store my parkas, thick sweaters and boots and bring out all the lighter warm weather clothes.

  • Jenny Major

    I wear lighter makeup

  • Francine F.

    I love to get a pedicure, so that I can start wearing open-toed shoes!

  • Lushka Smith

    I like to start using lighter make up products.

  • Monica

    My fave way to transition is to use colour…spring colour. Bright bold makes me feel spring is happening faster.

  • Judy Cowan

    My favourite way to to change out my bulky winter clothes for lighter weight ones. Also like to change some of the products I am using, no longer need all the moisturizer, lotions that I use over the winter.

  • Sherry moffitt

    My favourite way is getting all my summer clothes out and packing my winter ones away.

  • Jeannie

    My favourite way to transition from colder to warmer weather is by changing my wardrobe. I’m happy to shed the sweaters for layered shirts and cardigans.

  • i have the shampoo for K and she loves it.

  • Monica TB

    I’ve really like the Live Green products I’ve used in the past. Would love a chance to try these new ones! Thanks.

  • I switch my perfume to a lighter and more flowery one to help me anticipate spring and summer.

  • spamgirl

    My favourite way to transition is to move from my thick, oily body butter to a thin, silky moisturizer. No need to protect from the cold wind anymore!