TESTING, TESTING: Eucerin Skincare

I’ve always thought of Eucerin as “no nonsense” care for your skin. Since Ashley has dry and sensitive skin and she can’t use most all natural products I thought she would be a good candidate for this line.  Read on to see if the products worked for her! 
My skin has decided to take the month off – in summary, I’m having a terrible skin month! So naturally, I’m desperate and the following Eucerin facial products came at precisely the right time. 

Eucerin, defined as ‘Medical Skin Science that Shows‘ is absolute perfection for your skin. Having a tough skin month like myself? Read on to see how the following Eucerin facial products can help you on your way to clearer skin. 

I had the opportunity to try out four unique Eucerin products – used together, they form a facial skin treatment that helps activate and stimulate the facial cells for the better. Here’s a breakdown of what I used:

EUCERIN DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner

This clarifying toner just looks clean. Overall, the toner both clears and refreshes the skin. Furthermore, this toner contains a very effective and gentle cleansing complex that aides the skin with breathing – personally great for those with acne or skin products. A lot of people tend to write-off toners, but I swear by them. Especially with this toner, the ability to have the skin breathe will help reduce acne and eliminate build up in the pores. 

For those of us with sensitive skin, this toner is fragrance free. Score! 

How do I use this toner? Morning and evening! First thing in the morning, I swipe this product across the face with a cotton pad to remove nightly oils and purify the skin before moisturization. At night, I do the same routine, but to ensure that I’ve captured all the daily makeup and grime, as well as to give a clean facial slate before bed. 

EUCERIN DermatoClean Mild Cleansing Lotion

A lotion is only as good as its moisturizing properties. I love my moisturizers. This lotion is both clean and refreshing – sensing a theme? Even better, this lotion is more of a makeup remover and purifying cream as opposed to a long term moisturizer. Best for dry and sensitive skin (ahem, myself), this lotion will remove dirt, makeup, as well as thoroughly cleansing and protecting the skin from harsh environments.

What I love most about this cleansing lotion is the multi-beneficial properties. Cleanse and clear the skin? I’m down! I used this product right before a shower to properly cleanse and clear my skin after a harsh, grimy day. 

EUCERIN Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream & Night Cream

I’m slowly approaching that age where daily wrinkle creams are going to become a must. Why not get a head start? This anti-wrinkle day cream and night cream both provides instant moisturization as well as reduces the look of deep wrinkles in the skin. This line is created especially for dry skin and dry skin problems. How does it work? Urea is a skin’s own natural moisturizer that perfectly replenishes moisture within the skin. With that kind of science behind the cream, you know it works. 

It’s too early in the game for me to notice a difference, but I know these products are going to be perfect for my skin. With overly dry skin like mine, these products are heaven. 

Here’s the lovely range!

All products should be readily available across Canada, in drugstores and is also available on well.ca.

Has anyone else used, and had success, with Eucerin skin products? 

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