Tria Beauty and My Journey To Getting Hair Free

Hair removal is a big issue for many. It can be such a pain to have to shave everyday or grow your hair enough to get it waxed. What about laser treatments? They can be quite expensive (I’m hearing at least few hundred dollars a session and of course you need multiple sessions).

Back in November I was invited to the launch of an at home laser hair removal  – The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x and I was also asked to be a Tria Beauty Ambassador!


I’m honoured to be chosen to represent and help showcase this amazing product. I will be honest and say I was completely intimidated by this machine when I first saw it.


It looks like I should be fighting futuristic crime with it doesn’t it? This crazy little machine is going to get me summer ready in (hopefully) no time. I’m going to take you through my journey testing this baby out.

First, let’s discuss how it works. The Tria Hair Laser Removal 4x uses the SAME diode laser technology that dermatologists use in their offices for hair removal. I have had friends (both men and women!) that have had laser removal done and it most definitely works! The drawbacks? The time it takes to go into the clinic, the pain in many cases and the repeated visits. The tool emits a single laser pulse and targets the hair follicle and a double “beep” lets you know that it was effective. The built in pulse counter helps you keep track of how many pulses you used to treat an area even while multitasking. (I like to use the tool when I’m watching my favourite TV shows – the pulse counter ensures I don’t over do it).

There are some cautionary notes. The Tria Hair Laser Removal 4x is NOT for everyone. It will not work on darker skin tones and it not for use on blonde, white or red hair. There is actually a safety feature built into the tool which only unlocks if it detects the proper and safe skin tone.

There are also 5 levels of power on the tool. I was chicken and started on level 1 and didn’t feel anything. I slowly moved up to 3 and now I’m on level 4 or 5 depending on the area I’m treating.

I know you want to know if it hurts. Sort of. I think because when I started using it I was bracing myself for an insane amount of pain – but that never came! I’m not going to lie and say it’s painless. I find those hair follicles that have particularly dark or coarse hair are the areas where I feel the “zap” the most but it’s honestly not too bad – more surprising than anything. I will say that I find the underarm area particularly more sensitive meaning I get that “zap” feeling more often but I guess that makes sense as underarm hair tends to be thicker and more coarse.

There is a smooth start calming gel that is available and I find applying this first then using the tool will keep all those “zaps” to a minimum.



I’ve been using the Tria Hair Laser Removal 4x for about a month and a half now and I’m seeing some results. Now, I’m not the hairiest person in the world, but I do have a couple spots on my legs with particularly thicker and coarser hair. In the areas with finer hair I noticed I’m essentially shaving skin whereas before it would obviously be hair.

I’m going to keep going with this so stay tuned to and I’ll update you on my progress!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this tool and whether you’ve tried it or are interested in it!

If you are curious in checking it out there are usually promotions on the website.

***Disclosure: I received this product for review/editorial consideration and I am a Tria Ambassador receiving compensation for my participation in this program. All opinions are my own as usual and I only work with brands and companies that I feel are a right fit for this blog and that I have a genuine interest in.***


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