60 Days In Paradise

I’m nervous and excited to tell you that I’ve entered the 60 Days in Paradise contest to be the Canadian Island Connoisseur and show fellow Canadians how much beauty the island of Tobago has to offer! As part of my submission, I had to create a video + do a short bio. So this post will be all about me and why I should be the next Island Connoisseur and spend 60 days in paradise 🙂

First off, why do I want to spend 60 days in paradise in Tobago so badly? Well my husband has had the privilege of visiting this beautiful island SEVERAL times, and all without me!  What’s up with that right? He’s been to Trinidad and Tobago for road bike racing and training. In particular, “The Tour of Tobago“. So it was usually a trip with a bunch of guys, sans tourist tag-along wife. Fair enough. However, I’ve been secretly seething all these years, but have been trying to convince him (and myself) that I don’t need to go to Tobago.  Besides, we live in Toronto – city of diversity and culture! I can easily experience all Tobago has to offer right here in my home town city, right?

After all, while Trinidad and Tobago has Carnival, we have the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (aka Caribana). My husband was also always going on and on about the fun “beach limes” he would have while there. I tried it out…I’m not sure I got it right. And while I’m sure the food in Tobago is fantastic, I can pick up a double, roti, or currants roll plus a Solo to wash it down whenever I want, right?

Check out my video below showing me enjoying the Tobagonian culture right here in the city that I call home.


errr…ok…so perhaps I didn’t do the best at convincing anyone that I can get the same 60 days in paradise here. Obviously, I NEED to check out the real thing so I can report back to all my friends, family, readers and followers on how they need to go to Tobago too, right???

I should DEFINITELY be the next Island Connoisseur because I love having fun, and I’m very adventurous. From skydiving in Florida, para-sailing in Mexico, snorkeling in Cuba, to zip-lining in Jamaica – I’m up for trying new and exciting things! I recently decided to make a huge career change from a comfortable traditional office job, to living the freelance life – so I’m obviously a risk taker 😉


I can also be a beach bum. Sit me on a beach with a magazine or my kobo, and I’m set for the day! Did I also mention, I’m just as adventurous with food? I’ll look for any excuse to try new foods and international flavours. If I’m at an event you can usually find me lingering by the food table, looking for something new 😉 My husband’s pet peeve is the dinner photos I insist on snapping before we dig in!



Speaking of photos, I’m taking a bunch of photography classes now, so I’m really eager to test out my skills in a tropical environment 😉

And those of you who know me both online and offline, you know that I’m social! I’m constantly on social media such as twitter, instagram, and facebook to name a few; I blog usually 5 days a week and I’m attending at least 2 events in the city each week, which you can always check out on my instagram, twitter, facebook and tumblr feeds 🙂 I love meeting new people, and I have a knack for forming relationships and connecting with people.


So, if I’m chosen to be the next Island Connoisseur and spend 60 Days In Paradise, I promise to share my experiences with all my fellow Canadians and make them feel like they’re on the experience of a lifetime right along with me 🙂

Please wish me luck and send me positive vibes! If I’m chosen as one of the top contenders, I will let you know, and I will SHAMELESSLY ask you all for your votes 😉

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