NEW! Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer

I don’t know about you, but I find that a simple pop of color inserted tastefully into your makeup routine or outfit can really set the tone for the day ahead. When I first received the new Annabelle Cosmetics eyeliner and lip lacquer collections, I was inspired to get creative with them.

Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer Review}

The Annabelle BIGSHOW LACQUER collection paired with their WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER in some stunning shades makes for a bunch of beauty combinations I just couldn’t get enough of!

Being an artist, color is something that I play with often; whether it be creating a dress design, or painting a compelling watercolor abstract.

Some highlights from the Annabelle Cosmetics BIGSHOW LIP LACQUER collection are:

  • Lightweight color
  • Not drying
  • Six stunning shades
  • Not sticky
  • Stays put
  • Easy to apply in a pinch

Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer // Toronto Beauty Reviews

What I love about the lip lacquers  are how bold they are. These hot new colors are becoming an everyday staple for me! They range from an airy, natural nude to hot coral and deep scarlet red. I think if I really had to choose one that stands above them all for my particular skin tone at this point in the year, I would pick the second deepest shade “ Hypnotize Deeply.” It is a cool, rich berry color. Another shade “Caress Tenderly” I could not take my eyes off even before I applied it. It is so vibrant I would say that it’s borderline neon! I definitely have my sights set on it for when the warmer months hit. I just keep imagining it being complimented by a tan…sigh. If you are a more natural girl I suggest the nude. It’s the perfect shade that will be subtle but polish off any outfit.

There are a couple of really “girly girl” pinks in the collection along with a red  that is tres chic! I think these last three I mentioned are universally awesome, but the only reason I haven’t really used them quite as much is (confession) I personally already own A LOT of pinks and classic reds! Yeah, they know me by name at my local MAC and Sephora. (shh).


Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Swatches from left to right: Adore Simply | Caress Tenderly | Kiss Sweetly | Enchant Romantically | Hypnotize Deeply | Love Fiercely


Once applied, each lacquer offers a mirror-like shine along with high-impact, staining pigments. That means that even once the glossy part is no longer, your lips will still remain the desired color just a tiny bit more natural. They are also fruity scented and easy to apply. I suggest layering thin coats for desired intensity. One coat is sweet, makes a statement, but is a little more toned-down. Two coats and BAM! All eyes on you!

After wearing it to work a couple of times I found that my lips were nicely moisturized even by the end of the night. Lately I have been throwing one into my purse when I leave the house so it is only a matter of time before the entire collection is dispersed amongst my handbag collection and I will have to “rediscover” them again!


Now if you want to move the attention away from your lips and onto your eyes for the day, my vote goes to the new Annabelle’s Cosmetics Eyeliner.


  • Glides on easily, dries quickly
  • Ultra-pigmented
  • Doesn’t smudge or flake
  • Waterproof
  • Effortless application (you don’t need to be an artist to make it happen!)
  • Ophthalmologist tested

Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer // Toronto Beauty Reviews

I generally shy away from too much color on my eyes, but that royal blue really has my attention! For the everyday, the copper and gunmetal shades are perfect (try the winged cat-eye look and combine it with one of the lacquer shades listed above for your lips!)

I have seen blue work well when used in moderation and have been tossing around ideas in my head of how to incorporate it into a look that I could wear out and not look too “runway” if you know what I mean. If you do want to go bold and use something as vibrant as the blue, needless to say the rest of your makeup should be significantly more natural.

Annabelle Cosmetics Eyeliner and Lip Lacquer // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Swatches from left to right: Bronze | Black Star | Blue Spark


I love how user-friendly the brush is, giving you ultimate control to achieve your desired look. Pair it with some knockout mascara  (something that comes up often here on TBR) and I think you have a winner!

These gorgeous products are available now at online and in stores. I have spotted the lacquers at a drug store near me (you can’t miss them!). I think these are products will be a big hit this year as we take off our cozy layers and opt for something brighter, lighter and more colorful!

Annabelle BIGSHOW LACQUER: Suggested Retail Price $9.95/each + tax

Annabelle WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER: Suggested Retail Price $8.95/each + tax

Are you ready to add some bold, unique color to your makeup wardrobe with these fabulous Annabelle products?

Will you be picking up any products from the Annabelle Cosmetics eyeliner or lip lacquer collections?


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