3 Anti Aging Treatments That Deliver Results

It’s no secret that the anti aging business is huge. There are so many creams and potions and services out there that promise to deliver results. If you’re just starting to think about an anti aging routine then I would recommend sticking with a good skin care regime and perhaps introducing a couple of anti aging products. Diet and overall health FOR SURE has a huge effect on the aging process but I won’t get into that here 🙂 What if you want to see results quicker or don’t feel as though your products are really working for you? There ARE some really great non invasive anti aging services that will deliver results. Here are three that I tested out. Aquabrasion Facial: Pure + Simple anti-aging-service-aquabrasion-via-holistic-vanity, anti aging treatments, Toronto, Pure and Simple I’ve written about my aquabrasion experience before. I love this service so much I bought a package and have a gone a couple more times. This service uses high pressure saline solution to exfoliate, hydrate and oxygenate the skin. This technique gets similar results to other exfoliation treatments but without the inflammation that can sometimes accompany them. For more mature skin you want to choose a gentle treatment such as this one as the skin is more delicate and takes a longer time to heal than teenage skin. Kristen Ma did a great post about this treatment and really explains the great results I experienced even after just one session. I recommend the Deluxe Aquabrasion Facial which is $185 per treatment (a combination of Aquabrasion and Pure + Simple Facial) – however it’s on special right now for the month of August at $149. Pollogen Facial Treatment: Versus Clinic pollogen treatment 2, anti aging treatment, The pollogen anti aging treatment is a non-surgical and non invasive method of treating issues such as wrinkles, cellulite and even acne scarring. A hand held device is massaged over your skin and it heats up  – this heat is supposed to stimulate the collagen fibres; this contraction and tightening of the fibres is what is responsible for firming and toning any loose skin. At the same time pockets of fat (think under the eyes or around the neck area) are reduced as the treatment stimulates the natural metabolism of the fat. Long term results are seen after a few treatments as new collagen is produced. I was invited to the Versus Clinic and underwent only one treatment but my skin definitely looked more plump right after and this lasted for a couple of days. Each treatment costs between $300 and $350 and it is recommended to go for 5 – 6 treatments to see complete results. Levulan Photodynamic Treatment: DLK on Avenue DLK-logo, anti aging treatment, acne treatment I underwent this treatment at DLK on Avenue for my acne and I was very pleased with the results. This is also a great anti aging treatment as it greatly improves skin texture. A topical drug called Levulan (also known as Amino Levulinic Acid (ALA) ) is applied to the skin after cleansing. Other than the coolness of the product I didn’t feel a thing. The Levulan stays on the skin for about 30 – 60 minutes then a Blue Light is applied. This Blue Light is a safe and effective way to treat the bacteria that causes acne right at its source. The two together are a powerful acne and anti aging treatment. With the blue light alone there is no down time at all however with the Levulan on the skin you have to stay out of the sun for 48 hours as the topical drug is photosensitive and can still be activated. There is also peeling that occurs for up a week after the treatment. I personally didn’t find the peeling too bad but I have heard stories from some who chose to stay home as they didn’t feel like going out in public after the treatment. I was able to continue about my day and week as normal. Once all the peeling was done I could definitely see a different in the texture of my skin; fine lines around my eyes and forehead were less noticeable. This treatment is quite pricey and to see full results it’s recommended to go for 3 – 6 treatments.  At about $700 per treatment of Levulan + Blue Light this is one you’d definitely have to save up for. I was given a small discount for my treatments but it’s unfortunately not an affordable option for me at the moment – however if it was then I wouldn’t hesitate as I really saw immediate and fairly long term results too. I would also consider getting it done once a year for maintenance. These treatments are definitely pricier options in the short term rather than using creams and serums but I truly believe in a combination of both. Products can also be pricey and the dollars will add up so it’s a matter of finding the right options for you.

Would you consider any of these anti aging treatments for your quest to age gracefully?

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