At-Home Workouts (Week 1)

Well, our lives have changed significantly in a very short time, haven’t they?! With COVID-19, gyms have shuttered, and everyone is looking for at-home workouts that will keep them healthy and active during social distancing. I’ll be posting regular updates on the web-based fitness routines I’m trying. Read on to find out about my first week! 

{At-Home Workouts, Week 1}

Disclaimer: These recommendations are solely based on my own opinions, and are not a substitute for medical recommendations or professional advice. Consult with your healthcare professional before beginning any new workout regimen.

Honestly, working out at home is my absolute least favourite thing.  While most aspects of daily life have changed as a result of this pandemic, the change with the biggest impact for me has been the closing of gyms and fitness studios. I used to go to the gym 5 or 6 days a week, but unfortunately, that’s over for the foreseeable future.  So now what?

As for so many other things, we turn to the internet. I went online and searched for some YouTube videos, asking around to see what other people have been doing. There are so many free options out there that the difficulty isn’t in finding a workout; it’s in knowing what is right for you.  

Since I like to mix up my fitness regimen, I looked at HIIT routines, athletic yoga, and Pilates for men. When choosing your routine, keep in mind that many require jumping, and if you live in an apartment, you need to be thoughtful about your neighbours.

I was on the hunt for workouts that:  

  • were at my level.
  • were led by instructors who could keep my attention
  • were easy to do in my condo
  • required no equipment or easy-to-find equipment. 

HIIT At-Home Workouts

Over 40 Shred Fitness For Men (Funk Roberts)

This was my favourite workout of the week. I liked it because it was an intense, full body, 20-minute workout that had 20 different exercises and required no equipment beyond a mat or towel.  Since it’s so intense, it may not be one to start with, but you can work to your level and do what you can. By the third exercise, my heart rate was up and I had a good sweat on. Funk Roberts is an encouraging instructor and is pushing 50, so I was more inspired than intimidated by his fitness level.

Instagram Live daily workouts (@trainedbyphil)  

This was my first repeat workout. Phil does a new workout daily at 11am EST on Instagram Live from his home in Los Angeles. He started the week using household equipment like food cans, cat litter bags, and even actual cats as weights! According to his recent posts, however, he plans to start using more equipment like bands and push up handles. I might leave this one if it gets too complicated, and just use his recorded workouts that are kept on his page. One downside of the Instagram format is that you can’t skip ahead during a video, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to review just one or two exercises.

Facebook Live Calisthenics (Droughan Costello)

I am a client and friend of Droughan, and I really enjoy his workouts. Dru is very knowledgeable and creates challenging workouts with very little equipment needed. He posts the times the workouts will take place, so you can follow along live, or watch the video on his page afterwards. Something that’s particularly refreshing about Dru is that he responds to the requests of his followers, so it feels more personal than many other videos.

Pilates/Yoga At-Home Workouts

Youtube: Best Pilates Core & Total Body Workout” (Yoga Dose)

This was a good review of the basics of pilates movements, with some definite core targeting. The routine is easy to follow, and a great way to ease back into a Pilates routine.

Youtube:Intermediate Pilates for Men” (Sean Vigue Fitness)

I really like Sean Vigue’s routines. Since I was already familiar with Pilates, I tried the intermediate level to start.  This channel has a wide selection of videos, so you can pick what works for you based on your level and how long you’d like your workouts to be. I’ll definitely continue with these routines because they are easy to follow and I like the instructor.

Youtube: “INTENSE Cardio Yoga (HIIT Workout) Burn and Sweat!” (Yoga Dose)

This workout was quite challenging, so I would not recommend it for beginners. If you’re ready to really sweat, however, it’s a fun challenge! The instructor was clear and easy to follow, but the moves were complicated. Once you’re into a solid at-home workout routine, completing this would be an excellent goal.

Reflecting On Week 1

So that’s my first roundup of at-home workouts! I’ve been combining a few of these videos for each of my workout sessions, as each is less than 30 minutes. To fill an entire hour, for example, you can do the high-intensity muscle building and cardio workouts, then follow with pilates, yoga or meditation. In these stressful, anxiety-ridden times, we have to adapt to the new normal, and find safe ways to keep ourselves fit both mentally and physically. Luckily, there are a ton of options out there – hopefully this post has helped you find something new to try!

What’s been your favourite at-home workout lately? Send me your suggestions: I’d love to try them!

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