BEAUTY ROUND-UP: Demeter Fragrance Library

The change of the season often invites us to change things up – our wardrobes, skin care, makeup and even fragrance! For some really interesting fragrance notes Demeter is definitely the company to turn to. Here Ashley explores a few of their unique scents.

Demeter Fragrance is an incredibly large and substantive fragrance database that caters to every scent imaginable. I definitely got that message loud and clear when I got my hands on four different and unique scents. Demeter Fragrances is a company that sells ‘every day’ fragrances – you won’t find a mix of floral or woodsy scents here. You get normal, every-day aromas – dirt, chocolate chip cookies, mud, crayon, jelly beans, etc. Definitely different. 

I got to test out four vastly different ‘every-day’ scents. And when I say vastly different, I mean VASTLY different. You won’t believe one of the scents I got to try! Read on to find out what it was. 

First up, Demeter Dark Chocolate. Deeply rich, exotic, and full, this scent packs one hell of a chocolatey punch. Holy pigmented! I found this scent to be incredibly heavy, much like dark chocolate! One spray was way too much of a chocolately experience, and I am a chocolate fan. Price for a 30ml goes for $15.00 CAN, at any Loblaws Real Canadian Superstore location.

Next up was Demeter Vanilla Cookie Dough. Mmmm, just reading the name smells delish! This smells like a bakery store, hands down. It’s full-bodied and dense, but not as heavy as the Dark Chocolate. It’s wearable (as noted by the fan favourite rating on the site). This scent will make anyone think you just stepped out of the kitchen. Don’t want to wear it around town? Why not spray it around your house to use as a personal fragrance, and enjoy the smell of freshly baked cookies 24/7? That’s what I plan to do! Price for a 30ml go for $15.00 CAN, at the Loblaws Real Canadian Superstore. 

Ah, here we come to the ‘weirder’ one – Demeter Cannabis Flower. Yes, you read that right. I really can’t say what I expected when I saw this one. I can’t really say what I feel about it now. It’s slightly floral scented, and doesn’t smell how you would think it smells. A little spicy and woodsy, this scent is more suited for a male persona.Would I ever wear this? No. Would I ever give this one away? Probably not. It’s one of Demeter’s top fragrances, so someone likes it! Check out the Real Canadian Superstore to check it out for yourself!

Demeter’s Oud Fragrance is 100% wearable. I actually really enjoy this scent. It’s woody, but not overpowering, it’s sweet but not bitter, and it’s light, not heavy. I could totally see this as the base note of many perfumes and colognes on the market. I think if you don’t like the heady colognes on the market today, this fragrance is for you. Also known as Agarwood, this wood comes India and Southwest Asia. Yummy! Pick this up at the Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 CAN!

What do you think of these fragrances? Any strike your scent buds? Are you just a little confused by Cannabis Flower as I am (ha)? Leave a comment, or tweet me at @AshleyMcKernan

NOTE: All photographs courtesy of Demeter. Product sent for review purposes. 

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