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There are so many hair products out in the market now so it can be difficult to find ones that work for you. Sohnee seems to have found her match in Boo Bamboo hair care!


What do you look for when you’re shopping for hair care products?

I have fine, wavy, frizzy hair that I sometimes let go curly while other days, I straighten it. I look for products that let me achieve every look while still protecting my hair. I also want to use something that smells nice without being overpowering, gives me shine, eliminates frizz, and doesn’t test on animals. Yes, I ask for a lot out of my products. Well, guess what? I found the holy grail. Impossible, you say? I thought the same thing until I stepped out of the shower. Incredible! I can’t say enough about this product line. I’m honestly excited to use them every time I step into the shower.

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Boo Bamboo has a line of products that has everything I could ever ask for: organic ingredients, paraben & DEA free, and the best part – they’re cruelty free!! It’s unfortunately really tough to find product lines that are completely cruelty free, so I was beyond thrilled to see that everything Boo Bamboo makes has the same promise of being both cruelty free and vegan.


Their Strengthening Shampoo, like the rest of their products, has a mild, clean-smelling scent. It’s sulphate-free, so it doesn’t lather up as much as other shampoos. Without sulphates, it’s also supposed to reduce frizz and be safe for colour-treated hair. I have an ombre that I want to keep looking bright, so I was hopeful that this shampoo would deliver. I’m so glad that it did! My hair felt clean, looked shiny, and didn’t have any frizz.


Their Strengthen & Shine Conditioner continues the theme of a clean-smelling, enjoyable experience. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft, but strong. That’s hard to do with my hair since it’s so fine, but somehow they did it. It also didn’t make me shed nearly as much as I would expect. my shower can look like a black-haired Cousin Itt exploded, but not when I’m using this stuff.


I also tried their Revitalizing Conditioning Treatment. I think that the cream created a shield around my hair because I could do anything to it and nothing would make my hair frizz or lose its shine. I let it sit in my hair for 10 minutes while I was in the shower, so I can only imagine what it would do if I followed the instructions and used it as an overnight masque. My hair might be invincible!


As if those three products don’t deliver enough amazingness, after I step out of the shower, I put in a few drops of the Seal & Shine Serum. BAM! Any potential frizz from towel drying is gone.

Now, at this point, I have a few options. I could leave my hair alone and let it air dry. If I do that, I’ll end up with beachy waves. If I put in a curling gel, I either get nice curls or a greasy mess, depending on which gel I use. My final option is to put in a heat-protectant spray before straightening it. In summer heat, I’m not always guaranteed a sleek finish. With these choices in front of me, here’s where I got to really see what Boo Bamboo could do…


A good curl defining gel is hard to find. I’ve been pretty loyal to Marc Anthony Strictly Curls for a few years now, so I was hesitant to try another gel. This one comes pretty close! I think I may have put in a bit too much because my hair looked wet even after a day. Having said that, there wasn’t any frizz and my waves indeed turned into curls. What surprised me the most was that my curls didn’t start midway down my hair, like it can with other curl creams. My curls actually started near the roots! If you had never met me prior, you’d think that I had naturally curly hair and that I just went a bit overboard on the gel (again, totally my fault! The stuff feels really light in my hand!).

The other day, I had straightened my hair and then wanted to put in a bit of a wave, sort of like this:

{Photo by Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images for Burberry}


I used Boo Bamboo’s Anti-Humidity Hair Spray when using a curling iron. I was immediately pleased to find the scent wasn’t overpowering; many hairsprays can leave you gasping for air, but this one didn’t. I also liked the fact that it actually added shine while providing hold. The stickiness subsided within a matter of minutes and I didn’t see any flaking throughout the day. I walked through downtown Toronto in a freakin’ rainstorm and my waves stayed put. Whaaaa?!

I have one more test that I put all my hair care products through: the cuddle test. My partner has major allergies and can’t use a lot of products because he’ll end up having a reaction. As a result, if I wear products he’s allergic to, he’ll end up with puffy eyes after a night of cuddling. I used the Boo Bamboo line over the course of two weeks to test out everything and he didn’t react to anything I used. In fact, he has started to use the shampoo and conditioner, too! He really liked the smell and the way it made his hair feel, so I might have to get some more just for myself!

Do you have a holy grail hair care product that you can’t live without? Have you tried the Boo Bamboo line? What did you think?

You can find Boo Bamboo products at certain health food stores and also on


****Disclosure: products were sent to Toronto Beauty Reviews for review/editorial consideration***

Sohnee is a genetic counsellor by day, a product reviewer by night, and a cat whisperer on weekends. She loves to try out all things beauty related, but will always be curious about the science underneath. Follow her on Twitter @SohneeAhmed.


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