Caryl Baker Visage Clinical Facials

Have you treated your skin to a facial lately? Caryl Baker Visage launched a trio of new facial treatments to their menu. I recently got to experience the new Caryl Baker Visage clinical facial at their Sherway Gardens location.

Caryl Baker Visage

{Caryl Baker Visage Clinical Facials}

Trio of new facial treatments

I booked a Power Hyaluronic Facial  – one of a trio of new facial treatments launched this year for Caryl Baker Visage. This past March 2017, CBV announced that they have partnered with a 50 year old skincare leader; Skeyndor, to deliver 3 facial skincare services at luxury skincare. These 3 new services are found on their menu as Power C+ facial, Power Hyaluronic facial and thirdly Power Retinol facial which is set to launch in October 2017.

The Experience

As I had the privilege of meeting with Nadia at Sherway Gardens, I was greeted with the expectation that I was going to have the best 60 minutes of time out from my working mom lifestyle. I can honestly say that all my expectations were met!

As a working mom, it is so easy to forget to take time out for yourself now and then to recharge your inner and outer beauty. As I sat back to enjoy the experience, Nadia offered a consultation as she analyzed my skin’s condition. We discussed why the Power Hyaluronic facial would benefit me (hydration and skin renewal!) while I relaxed in a calm and environment with soft classical music playing in the background.  I began to picture myself somewhere far away from the daily life of living in the city.  As an experienced esthetician, Nadia took me through each step of the multi-step luxury facial.

The Caryl Baker Power Hyaluronic facial

CVB’s Power Hyaluronic facial balances and rejuvenates the hydrodynamics of the skin.  This type of facial in particular uses Skeyndor’s Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid  and Aquaporin Activator that when applied by specific massage techniques, penetrates down into the depth of the skin. This combination promotes hydration and increases the dermal and epidermal water reserves in the skin leaving the skin well protected. This process was enhanced by an amazing spray of Polarized Water on the skin’s surface which I found was the best feeling as my senses left me in such a calm state. I even dozed off for a few minutes!

I must say that my experience at CBV has left me wanting to do this facial on a monthly basis. Nadia pointed out that since the Power Hyaluronic facial in a non-evasive procedure that adds water to the skin even a weekly treatment would be safe to do.

CBV has a wonderful home maintenance line of products. H2O RESTORE  was the one Nadia recommend for me and features a daily skincare regimen to maintain the optimal hydration results.

Caryl Baker Visage Clinical Facials

Following my facial, I was offered a complimentary makeup touch up and I must say I cannot wait to re-book in to experience the other 2 new facial treatments launching this year. Power C+ focuses on stimulating cell regeneration and formation of collagen  via Vitamin C+ penetration.  In October, Power Retinol will be launched and this one focuses on reducing wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, scars and enlarged pores.

Carol Baker Visage has locations all across Canada. To see the full list of services offered in their menu. Please visit their website.

All their services are performed by certified specialists at CBV’s Health Canada ‘Green Pass’ approved facilities.

With a price point of $120-140 per facial session, it is truly an experience that I recommend if your skin is needing some extra help that a home facial may not offer.

When was the last time you had a facial? What was your experience like?


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