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Back when I was running my previous blog Curls and Pearls I was contacted by a company called eShakti to do a review on their clothes.  At the time I was hesitant and didn’t take them up on it.  Several other bloggers have done reviews for eShakti (most recently I’ve read Heather’s and Kayla ‘s review on H&K Style Journey) so I figured I’d give it a go this time around when they contacted me via Toronto Beauty Reviews.

eshakti logo

According to the rep that contacted me:

“eshakti is a unique women’s apparel store online that allows custom changes in the style of the garment – sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed by the customer to her preference.
We also offer the full size selection from size 0-26W and custom size too.   Even custom clothes are shipped in 3 business days.   We ship across the USA and Canada.


Shakti means power in Sanskrit. eShakti therefore means the power of the Net.  We believe the internet empowers customers and helps companies be customer-centered.”

The website is quite easy to navigate.  I wasn’t sure what to pick to review as there were so many pretty things on the site.  I zoned in on this cape since I had been wanting to try out the cape trend but haven’t found one that fit my proportions.  I figured this would be perfect since it would be a piece that didn’t need to be fitted but I could customize for my height and measurements.

For most of the items on the site you can choose a standard size (0 – 26 W) or for most items you have the option to customize at a fee of $7.50 US. (Customizing is free on your first order!)
^Standard size chart^
As you can see the standard sizes are geared towards women 5’4″ – 5’7″ so if you’re on the petite side like me or on the tall side you will want to look at the customization option.
custom size chart 1
 ^Customization Form^
 You can see to customize your item many detailed questions are asked.  I would suggest you get a friend or your partner to help you out to make sure you’re measuring accurately.  The website also tells you exactly how to measure so it’s quite easy to do.
I was also quite impressed that the bra size options went from 28AA – 58J and the height options ranged from 4’6″ – 6’11”.  The one thing I was a bit confused about was the last option “tunic length”.  the options were “as shown, hip length, low hip length, mid-thigh length”.  Since the original description of the item didn’t give a length I wasn’t sure what the “as shown” length actually was so I picked “hip length” after reading this post on Hemmed
I placed my order on September 27th but there were some issues with my address and some clarifications that were required so the eShakti rep helped me sort everything out the next day.  I then received confirmation that my item had shipped out on October 15th and I received my item on the 18th.
So here is the end result.
Pardon the wrinkles, nothing a little steaming won’t get out.
(I kind of feel like Sherlock Holmes!)
Side view
Back View (a little wide?)
Here’s what it looks like with the arm holes.  The arm holes are a bit awkward as they are placed low and therefore the opening only accommodates my arm below my elbow.  But perhaps this is how the arm holes of capes are supposed to be?
Being 35% wool I found the neck area to be a little itchy for me but I would just layer a scarf underneath.
I did notice something strange on the shoulder, I don’t know if you can make it out but there is a little bump on either side in between my neck and shoulder – I’m not sure if it was supposed to line up with my shoulder bone area or not.
Overall I think the cape turned out well.  I think it could be slightly slimmer all around.  I’m going to experiment and see if I could incorporate a belt to cinch it in a little bit to give me another option.
The overall experience with eShakti was excellent.  Because I’m not exactly sure how a cape should fit me I didn’t have a clear picture of what to expect.
 I think that if I picked a dress I might have better luck with customization.
Would I order from eShakti again?  I would like to but I’m terrified of duties charges.  I might time my order with my next trip to Florida or perhaps order through an American friend.  Duties and shipping are always a deterrent for me when considering ordering from US sites.
So what do you think about the cape, can I pull it off?  Any styling suggestions for me?
***Disclosure: product provided courtesy of eShakti for review consideration***

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