Have you heard of Diane Lai?

I will admit I had not hear of Diane Lai before last year. I saw a post by Arianne aka The Glitter Geek  talking about how Diane Lai products were great for her eczema which she suffers on her hands. Since I had never suffered from eczema I kind of glazed over the products until I had a chance to try them out for myself recently.

I have always thought that I had oily skin and was acne prone.  This past fall I was diagnosed with dermatitis which I had been mistaking for acne – I was treating my “breakouts” like acne and my skin was very angry with me and the dermatitis got worse 🙁  After a trip to my doctor and a prescription that I am STILL on I’m slowly on the road to recovery. It will take a while but I’ve learned a lot about my skin. After reading Kristen Ma’s Book I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin is oily and dehydrated. Which now makes sense as I still get the dermatitis breakouts and without proper moisture my skin can be dry and flaky in the break out areas.

Diane Lai is a natural skin care line designed for sensitive skin and was started because Diane’s own son suffered from extreme eczema.  Made with organically certified ingredients Diane Lai products are formulated for all skin types.

I also tried out the Fresh Daily Body Wash pictured below. I forgot to take a picture of it before I started using it and frankly I’m too lazy to take it out of my shower to snap a photo 😛
^Soft Skin Collection^

I’ve been using the body wash daily and I absolutely love it. I don’t feel like my body is being “stripped” of any moisture – it lathers but it doesn’t over lather. And I love the light fresh scent which I believe is the lavender oil added.  
I used the Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer on my face and while the majority of my face felt really nice and soft – not greasy at all – my cheek area (the area where I have the dermatitis break outs) felt a little bit tight.  That’s where I used the Soothe Spot Treatment and right away the tightness disappeared!!  Both products absorbed quickly into my skin and I especially loved the spot treatment as it kind of left my skin with a “matte” look.  Both products also worked great under my makeup.  I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to wait for a moisturizer to fully penetrate my skin and sometimes they just sit on the top of my skin causing my makeup to be more difficult to apply. There was no wait time at all with these products!
I don’t have a lot of people in my life with eczema and the few that I do know I don’t get to see that often but I’m definitely going to let them try out the soothe on their hands to see if it works for them.  
I really love that these products are appropriate for the whole family to use, kids included.  When you think about it, it’s kind of strange that we use stuff on our bodies that isn’t safe for kids….if it’s not safe for kids then why would it be safe for adults? 
For all products there are:
  • Zero Parabens
  • Zero Phthalates
  • Zero Formaldehyde
  • Zero Artificial Fragrance
  • Zero Artificial Colorants
  • Zero Retinols
  • Zero Sulfates
  • Zero Petro Chemicals
  • Zero Oxybenzone

I also love that they are a Canadian company! They have quite the impressive following, you can read more in their testimonials section with comments from some pretty famous Canadian people!
I highly, highly recommend checking these products out.  I’m going to continue using the soothe especially on the areas where my dermatitis is still present and hopefully it will heal quicker and with minimal scarring.
You can check out Diane Lai on their website, facebook and on twitter.
***Disclosure: products were sent to me for review consideration***

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