I finally got Naked!!

…of course I’m talking about Urban Decay’s Naked Palette!  I know this palette isn’t big news anymore, but I’m not too much of a spontaneous shopper (sometimes I am with clothes but ONLY if they can be returned!) so I didn’t jump on this one when it first came out.


Thanks to Stephanie aka Blush Pretty aka enabler and some twitter pressure from Fiona Man I found this palette at a downtown Shoppers Drug Mart.





I just love the velvety feel of the case, it also stays open as I’m using it and closes nicely.  I like cases like this as it always looks neat and not messy.  The new limited edition Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette is really pretty but the mirrored case would drive me nuts with all the finger prints and smudges on it.
Not everyone is familiar with this palette so maybe for those of you that ARE familiar this will just be a recap 😉
The palette comes with 12 gorgeous colours, a mini eye primer and a brush.  I believe the original version of this kit came with a double ended eyeliner which kind of makes more sense, so you get your entire eye look in one kit.  However, I’ve read that the brush is more expensive than the double ended liner and the price increase in the “new” Naked Palette was only a few dollars from the original.

Now again many of you may have seen swatches of these colours already, but hey the swatches always look different on different skin tones right?  So here they are on me.

virgin//sin//naked//sidecar//buck//half baked


And here is the eyeshadow primer potion:


Just realized I don’t have a picture of the brush! Sorry!!!

So…do I love this palette?  Hmmm….I don’t think I love it enough to never buy another eye shadow again LOL!  But this really IS quite a versatile palette.  All the neutrals are available to do every day looks, there are enough mattes and shimmers to make me happy.  Dramatic looks are also easy to create with the darker colours.  I do wish there was a matte black included though.  I love they way they glide on and the pigmentation is gorgeous!  Generally I use neutrals on an everyday basis.  When I have the time to experiment with looks it’s usually on the weekend so it’s nice to have all the “go-to” colours in one palette.

I’ve been using it at least 3 times a week since I got it.  Some people mentioned that the NYX Nude on Nude palette is a good substitute but I find that the colours don’t go on a vibrantly and I find each of the colours a little more “flat” and subdued compared to the Naked Palette.

So, do I think this palette is worth it?  Yes I do.  I’m all for finding make up that is less expensive but I really think that for 12 eyeshadows, a mini primer and a brush for $58CDN is a good price for something I use on an almost daily basis.  Each Urban Decay eye shadow sells on its own for about $17 USD which I know a lot of people are willing to shell out for one colour.

This palette has a reputation of being sold out although since the hype has died down it’s probably much easier to find.  As I mentioned I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart but you can also find it at your local Sephora and recently The Shopping Channel has started carrying it.  I know in the US Sephora will have it and I’m not sure what other places (of course the Urban Decay website is another option!)

So, those of you that have had this palette for a while, do you still love it?  How long will my pseudo love affair with this palette last?  For those of you that don’t have it, would you get it, do you think it’s worth it?

Urban Decay at ShopStyle

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