LISAP Hair Products Review

I recently had the chance to review some LISAP Hair products, in particular the new LISAP Easy Build (to), right after I had my hair coloured with a balayage treatment which seriously dried out my hair.  LISAP Easy Build line is used to restructure hair, restoring strength, elasticity, shine and softness.  Usually when I try a new treatment for hair, it promotes just one of those aspects, so when I saw LISAP promoting all four, I was excited to try it and see if my coloured hair could find some relief.

LISAP Hair Products // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{LISAP Hair Products – Easy Build (to) Review}


LISAP Easy Build (to):

  • restructuring
  • Manufactured in Milan, Italy

LISAP has included 4 products to achieve a restructuring of your hair from root to tip:

The products are used in a four step process.

Step 1: Lisap Chelating Shampoo:

  • Cleans and removes impurities
  • Keratin and vitamin hydrolyzed proteins
  • Salon fresh scent without being overpowering

I’m particularly fond of this first step because it reveals how LISAP has been thoughtful about how our hair works.   Using Keratin and vitamin hydrolyzed proteins, this step is gentle and helps prepare the hair for the next few products which will help build up the hair.  Some treatments skip this step and go straight to restructuring before getting all the build up off your hair.  Kudos to LISAP – this step is what I credit with returning my hair to ashy instead of brassy.

Step 2: Polymeric reconstructor :

  • Contains creatine, wheat amino acids, and soya proteins
  • Supports the development of keratin
  • Makes hair feel stronger, healthier
  • Leave in for 10 minutes wrapped, rinse

This step I found to be most effective on the roots of my hair because that is where I had the most damage.   I also applied a small amount to my scalp to help with flyways created by the heat process.  When I first washed my hair at home with LISAP, I noticed how it felt almost like mush because of the colouring process.  By the third wash using LISAP, my hair feels like it has gained some strength already.

Step 3: Moisturizing Micro Emulsion (3)

  • Restores vitality and elasticity
  • Seaweed Complex – Biopolymers, Mineral salts, Vitamins and Trace elements)
  • moisturize the hair, strengthening it and giving it more resistance

Because this step is moisturizing, I applied it to my roots only before rinsing it out, as I have oily hair in general.  If your hair is not oily, it may be more useful to use from root to tip.  After colouring my hair, I did not use a heat process on it, for at least a week because I was afraid it was going to break off.  Because of seeing how much moisture the microemulsion treatment restored, I was relieved I would be able to style my hair again, without doing too much damage.

Step 4: Revitalizing spray (4)

  • Moisturizes
  • Provides heat protection
  • Makes styling easier

I really noticed a change in the condition of my hair with this last step.  Usually after I blow dry my hair, it is frizzy. Since I use heat styling products on a regular basis, this step feels like it’s a no brainer to protect my hair before applying heat.  After taking a close look at my hair, especially after blow-drying and using a curling wand, it is good to know it is protected since my split ends were noticeably less, and my hair noticeably smoother.

LISAP Hair Products // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Overall, with just 4 washes so far, I’ve noticed a difference in my hair’s appearance and strength.  I can comb and wash it without it feeling weak, which was a big concern for me after getting my hair coloured.  Another bonus has been my hair lightening to the colour I had originally intentioned.  When I arrived home, my hair was light and then became brassy with just a few washes of my regular shampoo.  However, with this four step treatment, my hair has returned to the colour I came home with from the salon.  LISAP compares this treatment to Botox –  taking 10 years off the age of your hair and restoring strength and elasticity.

Have you ever tried LISAP hair products before?

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