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Admit it, at some point in your life you’ve wanted to have a moment where your hair is blowing around your face with a wind machine while everyone stands around gawking at your bombshell self.  Just me? Well I hope not, because I recently tried a product that will make you feel like your home blowout is bombshell worthy.

For a limited time, L’Oreal Kerastase has paired a couple of its new heat protective products with their couture styling products for a combination that will leave your hair protected and looking its best.

L’Oreal Kerastase Cimente Thermatique is a thermo-activated leave-in blow-drying milk for weakened hair.  smoothing taming blow-dry care for unruly hair.

Cement Thermatique works for women in any age group who experience:

  • Dry, coarse hair
  • heat treated hair
  • dry, coarse hair
  • brittle hair
  • think hair lacking volume
  • frizzy hair.


For myself in particular, as a woman in my mid 30’s, I am starting to go grey earlier than I would prefer.  Couple that with birthing 3 children in 4 years, and growing my hair out to about 26’ long, my hair is the weakest I’ve seen it since I bleached it in my 20’s.

Upon first trying Cimente Thermatique, I applied it to washed and towel-dried hair.  The formula has a subtle fruity smell, but was just faint enough to remain salon quality fresh.  I followed the directions of massaging it onto the lengths and ends of my hair, and proceeded to blow-dry.  Already, just as I was blowing out my hair, I noticed a few differences right away.


  • less flyaways at the roots
  • the length of my hair was smoother from root to tip.
  • more volume at the root
  • bouncy, supple volume through hair length
  • flowing hair from root to tip


I styled my hair with a 1 ½’ curling wand, and the curl held all day.  When I went to sleep that night, I put my hair in a soft braid.  The next morning, my hair still felt soft and had bounce and volume.

To maintain my curls for the day, I sprayed the look with L’Oréal’s couture styling Laque Noire.  The spray kept my curls in place all day – as well as the added volume from the Cimente Thermatique – without flattening my hair.  My hair looked natural while staying in place well into the evening.  I was most impressed the next morning when I brushed out my hair; the laque noire didn’t flake and I was able to style my hair again without worrying about any residue showing.



Along with my hair being weak, I also felt it was looking dull and dry lately, which has definitely been exacerbated by the Winter cold.  To add shine to my hair I tried L’Oréal’s Nectar Thermatique.

Nectar Thermatique is a heat-protective formula useful for

  • nourish and protect dry hair during blow-drying:
  • protects from heat as high as 180º C/356º F*
  • Linseed oil extract adds shine
  • Protects from mechanical aggressions (e.g. pulling from a round brush)
  • Easier blow-drying.


I applied the Nectar Thermatique along the lengths of my hair, massaging it into the ends especially where my hair is most damaged from daily styling.  After applying the formula, I blow dried my hair.  I was worried the Linseed oil in the Nectar Thermatique would leave my hair feeling heavy and weighed down – but instead it added shine while remaining beautifully light.


I styled my hair with a straightener at the roots and a 1 ½” curling iron at the ends.  To add texture and volume to the roots, I used the VIP powder spray at the roots.  I am loving the boho trend lately, and why not – it is a great solution for next day hair.  I braided my hair under on both sides into two fishtail braids and brought them over my head into a crown.  Using the VIP powder allowed me to maintain volume as well helping keep my hair in place by creating some texture.  The VIP powder also recommended styling the next day.  I can see a volumized high pony tail, or a pulled apart braid, or even a twisted ballerina bun with volume on top all being ideal styling options for the next day using the VIP powder spray.



Each of these products by themselves are an absolute must have for dull, brittle, weak hair.  With just 3 applications, my hair is changed and I couldn’t be more relieved I’ve found a dry hair solution to give my hair the oomph it was desperately lacking. It was definitely a bonus when people noticed a difference without me telling them I had tried the product.  From my husband telling me I was having a great hair day, and again telling me when I used both products again, to at least 4 different co-workers telling me my hair looked great.  I knew there was a difference in my hair’s appearance but it was definitely reassuring to know others noticed as well.  A friend with coarse, wavy hair is eager to try it out after seeing how smooth my prone-to-frizz wavy hair looked.

L’Oreal Kerastase has paired these products together for the month of February, launching February 13th until the end of February. Run – don’t walk – to try these products then get ready for the music to swell, and the clouds to part when you enter the room with your home blowout using Kerastase Cimente Thermatique and Nectar Thermatique.  The value is $66 and retail for $48. Whether you have damaged hair, your hair has changed from hormone changes, chemically treated from hair treatments, or just brittle and ravaged by split ends – these new formulas from L’Oreal Kerastase, used together, or separately, will work to strengthen and illuminate your dull, rough hair.

Which L’Oreal Kerastase Power Couple would suit your hair needs?

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