Making a summer dress work appropriate

I always like to have clothes that do double duty – while my work doesn’t have a strict dress code I kind of have my own ideas of what is work appropriate (you may or may not agree so I’ll leave that up to you):
  1. nothing low cut
  2. don’t show your midriff
  3. nothing too short
  4. nothing too tight
  5. always look put together (not sloppy!)
  6. nothing strapless or with really thin straps in the office
So these are the rules I try to stick to. I know in the summer it’s sometimes hard but I work around this by wearing a blazer or cardigan over my summer dresses. It’s easy enough to remove the top layer when out on your lunch break or going out after work.
This outfit is combination of my H&M elbow patch blazer from this post (which I can’t really figure out why it remains on my list of “most popular posts” in the side bar) and my recent Old Navy purchase from this post.
Blazer: H&M size 4
Belt: H&M XS
Shoes: Browns ID size 7
Necklace: mark by Avon
Bracelets: Pandora and mark by Avon

This dress is a touch long on me but I used the belt to help define my waist and bring up the hem a little. I rolled and scrunched up the sleeves of my blazer to make it more summer appropriate. Also I may or may not wear heels with this outfit – depends on my mood. 
Again, I work in a really casual environment so an outfit like this may not be structured enough for your workplace or this might be something you would only wear on a Friday. 
So would this outfit be too casual for your workplace? How would you take a summer dress and make it work for the office? 
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