Manscaped: Male Grooming Made Easy

With salons still closed in the GTA, many people are desperate for a haircut. We’ll just have to bide our time for that, unfortunately. But lockdown or no lockdown, Manscaped is here to help men groom hair that’s…. not on the top of their head. 😉

Manscaped: Male Grooming Made Easy | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Manscaped: Male Grooming Made Easy}

Disclaimer: The products mentioned below were provided to me at no cost for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.

Are you a hairy guy? Do you like where and how your body hair grows? Do you care about hair “down there”? If so, you’re not alone.

As with all aspects of the beauty world, male body hair grooming is ultimately a matter of personal preference. There are lots of products out there to help you manage your facial hair, but your armpits and private area also might need some extra attention. That’s right, we’re talking about grooming your pubes and balls, affectionately known as “manscaping.”

A Tangled History

I personally didn’t start to grow body hair on my chest and back until my mid to late twenties. Since I’m blond, however, I didn’t really notice at first just how fast my body hair was growing. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I felt compelled to pay closer attention to how long, how much or where my body hair was growing.

Like many things with respect to grooming, I pretty much had to figure things out on my own. I would see my father shave his face, maybe he’d throw on aftershave or cologne and that was the extent of the grooming I learned from observation. So when it came to trimming body hair, I relied on trial and error and talking to friends. It’s funny to think about how “manscaping” has entered our grooming lexicon over the last 30 years, and now it’s assumed that everyone does it in some way.  

That wasn’t always the case, though. I’m not giving away any secrets here, but back in the day, I remember locker room chat where you might notice a guy that trimmed down there and that might have given you an indication as to his sexual orientation. Taking care of your pubes was considered a “gay thing.”  Thankfully, times have changed, and now it’s widely considered good personal hygiene, regardless of your gender expression, sexual preference, or relationship status.

Smoothing Things Over – But Not Too Much!

Deciding how to maintain body hair is a choice every man has to make for himself, but it’s probably not a good idea to go fully bare. After all, pubic hair is there to provide a cushion against friction that could hurt your sensitive areas, and to provide protection from bacteria and other nasties. Finding a product that can help you tidy things up while staying safe, therefore, is key.

So how do you get a clean, neat look in the privacy of your own home? Turn to Manscaped.

Manscaped: Male Grooming Made Easy - Product Trio | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Becoming A Manscape Architect

I was thrilled to try the Perfect Package from Manscaped (currently on sale for $99), and have been using the products regularly for over a month now.

The kit included:

  • The Lawnmower 3.0 (waterproof electric trimmer)
  • Crop Preserver (anti-chafing deodorant)
  • Crop Reviver (toner & refresher)
  • Magic Mat (disposable shaving mat)
  • Boxer briefs (anti-chafing)
  • Travel bag (chic AF)

The Lawnmower 3.0 is amazing for trimming below the waist. It’s easy to hold and direct, is adjustable, has a light to help with accuracy, and can be used either wet or dry. When you’re manscaping your balls, pubes and other sensitive areas, you want to feel confident that you won’t be cut or nicked, and that things will go as planned. The replaceable ceramic blades on the Lawnmower 3.0 help reduce these types of accidents, and the adjustable blade guard allows for three different trimming lengths. This is a great feature, since I like longer hair in some areas and shorter in others.

In addition to my boxer area, I’ve also used the Lawnmower 3.0 on my armpits, chest, treasure trail, back of the neck, and sideburns. It does it all! (Pro tip: remember to use the guard provided and make sure you keep the skin taut for a better result as it reduces the chances of nicks.) I also love that the Lawnmower 3.0 is compact enough to stay in my vanity or throw in a travel bag. That makes it even easier to keep up my new grooming regimen.

To be honest, I haven’t had much experience with using products on the boys, but I was eager to try out Manscaped’s offerings. The Crop Preserver is an anti-chafing ball deodorant. I have used talcum powders in the past, but this product contains a talcum gel that provides a barrier, is anti-bacterial and provides some moisture absorption. It also has a great scent that helps to keep things fresh.

The Crop Reviver has the same great scent as the Crop Preserver and provides some freshness while also assisting with reducing irritation and friction. This is especially helpful if you’re going for a run or doing a home workout. The combo of these three products has allowed me to develop a whole new grooming routine that keeps my boys fresh and my body hair exactly as I’d like it. You can buy the products separately, or in the kit.

Manscaped: Male Grooming Made Easy - Testicular Cancer Society Partnership | Toronto Beauty Reviews
Image from Manscaped website

Groom For Good

In addition to creating awesome products, Manscaped is passionate about testicular health. They’ve partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness of the prevalence of the disease and educate men on how to do a testicular self-check.

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men 15-35 years old, and – as with all cancers – early detection is key. Having a regular grooming routine (as, for example, with Manscaped products) means that you’ll have a much greater awareness of your own testicular area, and may be more likely to notice any irregularities that you should discuss with your doctor.

So as summer arrives and you may be sporting clothes that cover less of your body or none of your body (Do you think Hanlan’s Point will open this summer?), you might just want to give Manscaped a try.

Happy grooming, guys!

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