Create Cocktails for your Hair with Matrix Style Link

Cocktails are huge in the bar scene. I’m not a big wine or beer drinker but cocktails are my thing, especially when it’s a tequila or bourbon-based drink. I give much credit to mixologists for coming up with creative drinks by using a combination of liquor, bitters, juices, etc to satisfy/quench your thirst. Sadly, this post if not about alcohol but about how you can be your own mixologist and come up with the perfect cocktail for your hair.

Matrix Style Link // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Launched earlier this year, Matrix Style Link is a range of 12 products and 3 boosters that you can mix to boost your own style. “Style” is a lightweight silicone for flexibility and shine while “Link” consists of a flexible polymer for hold. All products won’t leave you with stiffness, flaking or buildup.
Matrix Style Link // Toronto Beauty Reviews
The blue products are for PREP – to be used on damp or dry hair for ironing and blow drying – and will either dry your hair faster, smooth frizz, add volume or protect against heat. I tested TURBO DRYER and it’s my favorite of the bunch I tested. It dries hair 2x faster while creating smoothness and a natural finish. This spray comes in handy when you don’t have the time to let your hair air dry or need to blow dry your hair quickly so you have time to curl or straighten it after.
Matrix Style Link // Toronto Beauty Reviews
The green products are for PLAY – to be used to texture either damp or dry hair – and the finishes on these products range from shiny to satin to matte. I tried OVER ACHIEVER which is a 3-1 cream + paste +wax. It spreads like a cream, holds like a wax and texturizes like a paste. I like to use this when I am doing a top knot or ballerina bun, it smooths all my flyaways without a sticky hold. My husband also likes to use this product to style his hair. It works for him because it’s a 3 in 1, there is no need to make cocktail for his hair.
Matrix Style Link // Toronto Beauty Reviews
The burgundy products are for PERFECT – to be used on dry hair to lock in style – these products are meant to finish hair in a natural, matte or shiny look. I tested the TEXTURE BUILDER and it has a unique aerosol diffusion for an even application. It adds buildable matte texture with no residue (it’s like dry shampoo except this spray doesn’t refresh, only adds volume).
Matrix Style Link // Toronto Beauty Reviews
Now for the cocktail part…you can add 1-2 drops of their BOOST products (unfortunately I didn’t have any to test out), to any of their products. The extra-concentrated boosters adapts to any style for a customized hold, volume or shine. You can layer with the any of their products to create the the perfect cocktail for the style you want to achieve. For example to create big loose waves, you can mix 4 shakes of HEIGHT RISER with 3 drops of VOLUME BOOSTER, then add it to dry hair. Blow dry and then curl with a curling iron. Add 2 shakes of HEIGHT RISER to the length of hair and finish with 5 sprays of STYLE FIXER to lock the look. The cocktail mix of a volumizing powder and and volume booster adds body and texture necessary before drying and curling hair. This example shows that there are endless possibilities of cocktailing recipes you can mix to create what you need for your hair style. The products retail from $15 – $18.

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