Nail Education Part 3: China Glaze Nail Appliques

If you remember from my past posts, I’ve been doing a series on new and exciting nail developments. Particularly, I’m drawn to new, inventive and EASY ways to make your nails look fabulous! As I’ve stated before, I’m absolutely terrible at doing my nails. Anything invention that makes the process easier is a blessing. 

Take a look at the previous entries in the series:

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Again, I’m looking for products that can answer the following questions positively:
  • Do they make your life simpler?
  • How easy are they for beginners?
  • Are they worth the time?
  • Are they worth the money?
Up this entry, China Glaze Nail Appliques.


I think I did pretty well for my first time!

Product: China Glaze Nail Appliques in Loop Hole

Price: $11.00 EA (CAN)

What It Claims: “…pre-cut, pre-sized strips, made of 100% nail lacquer with various embellishments”

First Impressions: Oh lord, these look difficult. I’m so inexperienced! 

Steps: There is a few steps to these, I’ll summarize them here. 
  1. Clean and dry nails are essential. 
  2. Prepare the surface of your nails with the nail file provided (peach side).
  3. Choose your size from the nails provided and break off from strip.
  4. Remove clear backing and and apply to nail (pressing on).
  5. Gently stretch and smooth onto your nail.
  6. Crease the applique at the nail’s end and file off the excess in a downward motion with the nail file (pink side).
Review: SO EASY. Seriously, I thought these were going to be incredibly difficult and challenging, and reading the instructions made me blanch a little bit. But these appliques are the easiest nail trend I’ve tried so far. They are also, by far, the most gorgeous. The appliques are super adhesive – once you apply to your nail, they aren’t going to shift or move around. Filing off the excess with the nail file is also super simple. The appliques provide you with 11 nail sizes – there is a size for every nail. I’m completely floored by how simple it is and how long they last – it literally took me 15 minutes to apply and I didn’t have to worry about any sort of ‘drying’ time. Awesome. 

The website above provides different patterns for the appliques – from loop art, leopard print, snake print, zebra pattern, cherry blossoms, and citrus patterns – there is a design for all tastes. See below for a sample of their designs:

Courtesy of China Glaze

Final Verdict: I’m currently trying to refrain myself from purchasing all the patterns, I’m that much in love. Super simple, super affordable, super cute. 

Has anyone else used China Glaze Nail Appliques? What about the whole applique trend? For or against? Let me know in the comments, or send me an email at

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