Pantene Launches Video To Tackle Labels Against Women

I don’t normally cover really serious issues on the blog as I wanted it to be almost a “getaway” from every day life but Pantene recently launched this video about gender labeling that I thought was powerful and thought provoking so if you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth the minute of viewing time.

My first feelings when I saw this video was that it was very true and sad. Upon further reflection I realize it’s a problem and issue that society as a whole – both men and women are responsible for. 
I have to admit to myself that I often put higher expectations on all women to be good role models and to be successful and supportive and encouraging and…the list goes on. In the meantime I don’t have these expectations of men. Sorry to any guys reading out there but unless I know you personally I really don’t expect much from you to be honest. 
Women on the other hand are expected to live up to probably unrealistic expectations for themselves (best mother, daughter, sister, friend, boss, business owner etc) and at the slightest show of typically male attributes (ambition, drive, strength, leadership) often they are criticized for it or the manner in which they approach it. 
I’m hoping this video will help bring awareness to this issue and to our own behaviors towards other women. I also love the fact that although this video is made by Patene it’s not all about selling product as most videos/ad campaigns are and the brand name is only placed at the very end.
I’m not sure what the solution is but at the very least this awareness can help us to be more understanding and open minded towards one another. This is also the time of year where many of us tend to reflect the most so I thought it was good timing too.
I’d love to know your thoughts on this issue. Were you aware of the bias that still exists in our society today? 

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