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Pureology Fullfyl Products // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Pureology Fullfyl Products for Coloured Hair}

Why Sacrifice the Colour You Deserve Because of Your Hair Type?

I’m sure there are many women experiencing the post pregnancy or middle-aged hair blahs. As I spoke to several moms in my mommy group this past year, it was astounding to come to realize that it was a common struggle for several ladies in our group.

Many of these ladies also indicated that they colour their hair and found that volumizers would temporarily add volume at the sacrifice of fading their hair colour. I have tried many different types of volumizers in my days for fine and limp hair, and not until recently I have been feeling more confident with my hair texture as it seems to be discovering its inner strength thanks to Pureology Fullfyl products

Pureology Fullfyl Products // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Hair Care Systems

Pureology  is a line of sulfate-free custom care hair products that can be purchased at select hair salons. It specializes in serious Colour Hair Care Systems.

After having my kids and entering my 40’s, my hair began to thin. It lacked the volume it once had. Perhaps it was a combination of over processed colour treated hair and hormonal changes, but I was always looking for a shampoo that would help with densifying my hair and adding more volume and texture.  Pureology Fullfyl products are doing just that!  I have been using their simple 3 step system for 1 month and I can confidently say that I have gained my bounce back!  The system has Kervais and PhytoBlend properties topped with a Antifade Complex for colour treated hair. This combination works the inside of the hair fiber and on hair’s surface to reinforce, thicken and densify.

Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Most people shy away from expensive colour care systems as they may have been disappointed in the past as I was. The Pureology Fullfyl products are well worth the purchase.

I would definitely invest in more of this line of product as it continues to satisfy my hair needs. The one precaution I would have when using these products is that product can easily be wasted if you pour too much out of the bottle. A small amount is all you need – I found that a small grape sized amount of the shampoo lathered very well; the same amount of conditioner worked well too. I used the Densifying Spray at the root of my hair and blow dried it out with a large round brush to maximize the volume.

Time Savers

As a busy mom of 2 young children, I don’t have time to fiddle with my hair in the morning. With the Pureology Fullfyl products I can achieve quick results in no time!

Have you tried the  Pureology Fullfyl products before? Do you suffer from lack of volume in your colour treated hair?

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