Review: Korres Pomegranate and Wild Rose lines + {GIVEAWAY} (CLOSED)

I first discovered Korres earlier this year and have been in love ever since. Obviously other people love it too as the the Basil Lemon Body Butter got swiped from my desk at work ūüôĀ

Now up for review are new products from the Pomegranate and Wild Rose lines from Korres.


I was given the products to try out and although I do love Korres in general there were some misses for me.

First let’s talk about the pomegranate line. This line was inspired by ancient topical solutions used by the Greeks to address signs of aging. We’ve all heard about the “power” of this superfruit for its anti-oxidant properties right? Well this skin care line was designed to refine the appearance of pores and reducing the appearance of redness.

There are three new products in this line:

Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment (retails for $49 Canadian)
The pomegranate mattifying treatment also contains Willow bark extract to moisturize while rice starch helps to absorb excess oil and purify skin.
This product did a great job at keeping my T-zone shine free. At the end of the day I noticed a bit of shine on my forehead but light blotting fixed that right away.¬†Loved that this product is lightweight so it’s a great option for those with an oily t-zone but hate wearing a ton of products.
Korres Pomegranate Toner
Pomegranate Toner (retails for $26 Canadian)
This is a clarifying toner which is used after cleansing to remove excess dirt and dead cells. Witch Hazel and Alpine Willowherb extracts contained in this product are natural astringents which help refine the appearance of pres and provides a matte finish to the skin.
There is a distinct alcohol smell to this product so while I didn’t feel that it dried my skin out the first time I used it I am personally a bit weary as I’ve learned that drying my skin out will lead to more breakouts so if you haven’t had bad experience with products with alcohol then you should be fine with this one. I do like that it contains witch hazel, but I just use straight witch hazel normally so I don’t think I’ll be switching to this product.¬†
Korres Pomegranate Clay Mask - Toronto Beauty Reviews
Pomegranate Purifying Clay Mask (retails for $44 Canadian)

Along with the key ingredient, this product contains white agril which is a natural clay to absorb yucky sebum.
This product is a traditional clay mask that kind of¬†dries on your face but I do like that fact that it’s really easy to wash off.

On to the Wild Rose line. Did you know that wild rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C? And you’ve probably heard that vitamin C in skincare is great for reducing the look of discolouration and fine lines.¬†

Korres Wild Rose Buff Cleanser - Toronto Beauty Reviews
Wild Rose Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser (retails for $28 Canadian)

I always love a good buffer. I know that it’s not necessary to scrub my face all the time but I can’t deny that it feels so good to get the circulation moving on my skin. The grains in this buffer are from rice seeds and cherry stones so it’s very gentle and helps remove dead skin cells.
This cleanser felt great on my skin. It’s safe to use daily however if you have sensitive skin like I do now I would start of slow. Maybe just a couple times a week.
Korres Wild Rose + Vit C Brightening Sleep Facial - Toronto Beauty Reviews
This is an overnight “facial in a jar” which works while you sleep to renew dull and tired skin by the morning.¬†
I really like this cream and at first I didn’t realize it was for overnight and I wore it during the day but unlike most night creams this didn’t feel too heavy for me. It also contains rose hips oil and jojoba oils which¬†definitely worked to keep my skin hydrated.¬†
Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment - Toronto Beauty Reviews
Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment (retails for $42 Canadian)
This eye treatment is designed to make eyes appear brighter and to address dark circles and fine lines.
I love the feel of this eye cream, it’s lightweight and all you need is a tiny bit to add to both your eyes. Not sure if it’s in my head or not but my eyes didn’t look as tired when I used this eye cream!
I’ve noticed that the retail prices which I received from the press kit differs from that on the Sephora website so you may want to shop around if you’re interested in any of these products. You can find Korres products at select Shoppers Drug Marts and at Sephora.
But hey, why not try for your chance at winning 3 of my favorite products from this post? I have to say that out of these 6 products that I got to try my favorites are the Pomegranite Mattifying Treatment, the Wild Rose Sleeping Facial and the Wild Rose Eye Treatment.
So…all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter! (Canadians only please!)
***Disclosure: products were sent to me for review consideration. Giveaway sponsored by the good people of KORRES Canada and Tribal DDB***

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